Game Preview For Week 11: Rockets vs. Western Broncos

Author: Mansi


We are in the 11th week of the college football league. Due to the pandemic, the season is exhilarating for the viewers. They enjoy watching College football at home. This year Toledo Rockets performance was not much satisfying, but on the other hand, Western Michigan Broncos played exceptionally well against other teams. Coach Josan Candle's Aim in 2020 was getting Toledo Rockets back on track. In 2016-18 Toledo Rockets had won 27 matches, including the MAC title in 2017. 



Eli Peters was passing from the Toledo Rockets while Kaleb Eleby from the other side. We can see that Eli was making too many efforts as compared to Kaleb. Eli ran 339 in this match and successfully scored only one touchdown. However, Kaleb ran 284 yards and scored three touchdowns highest in the Toledo Rockets with an average of 9.8. What a play by Kabel.


While rushing, Western Michigan Broncos leading were from the Toledo Rockets. Tim Lester's strategy was to make more long throws from players. Sean Tyler was the best from Michigan's side for making long throws, but at the same time, he was not successful in scoring any touchdowns. However, from Toledo’s side, Bryant Koback played phenomenal for his team. He scored two touchdowns in only 78 yards of running with an average of 3.3. Whereas, From Toledo’s side Micah Kelly holds the count of 1 on his name with an average of 8.6. He ran 69 yards in this match.

In contrast, LaDarius Jefferson was rushing from the Broncos side. He did not score a touchdown in this match while rushing. Rushing was not concerned with the Western Michigan Broncos. The Broncos scored only three touchdowns while rushing. On the other hand, Toledo scored four touchdowns at the time of rushing. Still, we all know it's a strategy and who won the match.


Tim Lester applied an excellent strategy for this game. Western Michigan Broncos were playing defensive. At the same time, the Toledo Broncos were not playing defensive. The Broncos' players were great in tackling Toledo's players. Brian Garner, Treshaun Hayward, Marshawn Kneeland tackled 14,13,12 times Toledo's players, respectively. The Broncos players were great at solo tacking. 

The solo tackled 36 times. From Toledo’s side Dyontoe Johnson 9 times tackled Broncos' players, Saeed Halt and Samuel Womack tackled 6-6 times. Toledo players also solo tackled 36 times against opposing team players. The total count of Tackles is 104 of Western Michigan Broncos; however, 52 times players of Toledo rockets tackled Broncos players. It's accurately half tackles of Western Michigan Broncos players. Broncos defended the opponents in a very significant way, that's why they made it.


In the first quarter, Both teams successfully scored 14 touchdowns. We were able to see the excellent sportsmanship of the players in the first quarter. In the second quarter, Broncos players were not able to score a single touchdown. Simultaneously, Toledo’s players scored ten touchdowns, which is a plus point for them. To win this game, Toledo rockets needed to maintain this lean in the rest of the match, but they failed to maintain it. 

In the third quarter of the game, Both teams added 7-7 touchdowns to their scoreboard. At that time, Toledo’s were leading the game, but they might get overconfident. In the last quarter, that is, the third quarter, Broncos showed their aggressiveness and scored 20 touchdowns in a single quarter. What a play by the Broncos! And on another side, Toledo’s failed to maintain the lead in this game. They might get disappointed about the play, but in the end, it's a game. One win and the other loses it. Western Michigan Broncos won the match by three touchdowns. After the fourth quarter, the score of both teams is 38-41. Western Michigan Broncos scored 41 touchdowns, and the Toledo Rockets scored 38 touchdowns.


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