Best Picks For Week 11: Colorado Buffaloes vs. Stanford Cardinal

Author: Mansi


School Football has been a phenomenon this season. With rising players from various teams, they show their talent for being picked up in squads. However, these youngsters are getting guidance from their senior players as well. This is where the school football league is different from other leagues. Because here, talent meets opportunity. Every youngster gets a chance to express his talent to the world.

However, coming back to the season, this was quite a decent season for each team. As we are heading towards the last few group stages, each team is trying to be superior over their opponents. The Colorado Buffaloes are all set to face the Stanford Cardinal in one such game. Here, both teams are expecting a good win over their opponent. With this being a game condition, it would be a great match to invest in bets or fantasy games. If you are reading this article, you may find out which player would be an ideal pick for this game. However, you will also find the stats and recent performance of the same player. 

Player to watch from the Colorado Buffaloes 

Sam Noyer:

When it comes to passing units, no one can hold the hands of Sam Noyer from the Colorado Buffaloes' side. He has been a boon for this side from the last few games. With the kind of form he is having, team management is pleased with his performance. They must be hoping for the same performance against the Stanford Cardinal. In four games he played this season, he attempted 103 passing attempts. This shows, on average, he is having 25 passing attempts per game. Therefore, considering a fantasy games point of view, he may give you a few extra points than other players. From those 103 attempts, he has 64 successful in this entire season. 

With those numbers, his successful passing percentage goes to 62%. Hence, if you are thinking of dropping him from your fantasy squad or putting bets against him, this will undoubtedly cost you a high price. Because every other bettor will try to place a bet on him, he gets different from other players. Sam also has 742 passing yards in these four games, and this shows his elegance in this season. However, Sam also has four touchdown passes this season. Therefore, missing out on such a big player can ruin your party. 

Player to watch from the Stanford Cardinal 

Davis Mills 

The Stanford Cardinal will be the happiest side of this planet for this moment. The reason behind this happiness is none other than Davis Mills. They pulled him to their squad in the trading session, and however, he has become an essential asset for this side for the last few games. He is a part of this site for the previous three games where he showed his talent to the whole world. In those three games, he had 118 passing attempts. 

This number is very high while comparing the number of games he has played. If you compare Davis with Sam, then you may notice that Davis has maximum passing attempts than Sam with one less game. However, this number may puzzle you. But when it comes to successful passing, Davis is far behind in this race. He has 75 successful passing attempts out of 118. 

With that number, his successful passing percentage goes to 63.6%. With that percentage, one can easily say that Sam has better gameplay than Davis this season. But Davis can be a differential pick for you. Because every normal bettor would go for Sam; however, if he fails to perform, all their money would be getting dumped, and this is where Davis can be your trump card. In the last three games, Davis also has 788 passing attempts, and three touchdown passes. Therefore, picking Davis would also be the right choice for your bets or Fantasy team.



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