Georgia Bulldogs vs. Missouri Tigers Highlights

Author: Mansi


As Bulldogs lost the crucial game against Victoria, their hopes touched rock bottom. They faced the witty Missouri Tigers, who emerged from continuous victory with high hopes of sealing the game. This was the most expected match of the series as Bulldog had only a few games in their bag to settle the season’s victory. They have been riding on a very inconsistent form as their only win against the Tigers could heal their pains. The energy in the Stadium lacked heavily due to the absence of vigorous fans.

Things seemed easy for Bulldogs as Kenny McIntosh started the account by scoring a 2-yard line to put Tigers in the place. Another major blow for Tigers came when JT Daniels and cook scored a touchdown much to the peril of Tigers, tilting the favor towards Georgia heavily.

However, it was not all over for the Tigers, as they bounced back strongly into the game during the second quarter. Larry Rountree gave enough fight to roll back to the safer side by his pass for 21 yards. Tigers looked stronger and better to hope for a chance that could give them some lead. What proceeded after that made the team more stable enough to put a good fight.

Keke Chism’s throw for a 29-yard pass to Swinson swung the game strongly to Tiger’s side giving hope for a sweep off. Bazelak looked strong enough to pull string in the game, as his running had some mettle to bounce back the team.

When everything was smooth-sailing for Tigers, There was a sudden blocker which came in the form of Bazelak returning to the field when he attempted a 1 down and got hit by the helmet. Things started slipping down for Tigers as Bulldogs capitalized on their blow-out to a larger extent. 

Even though Brady Cook tried his best to fill the absence of Bazelak, he could not add the required momentum to bring back the team to take home the victory. The offense started struggling very badly after that so much so that whatever fight they had put until now went down the drain with McKinniss’s second entry.

The defense continued to still dominate the opponent as they blocked Georgia punt. JB Will Norris helped them recover the damage to a manageable level. There was a glimmer of hope for the Tigers when Larry Rountree scored his 12th touchdown. Although the momentum did not last for a long time as Bulldogs bounced back with JT Daniels’s 36-yard touchdown to Pickens which shifted the victory largely towards Bulldogs.

After that point, it was a never-looking-back game for Bulldogs as they seized every opportunity to lead their opponents. Zamir White’s 37 rushing yards were very impressive to put Bulldogs back into rhythm setting aside any slighter chance for Tiger’s win. Tiger’s offense took a great hit with White’s 43 yards touchdowns which started the decline of Tigers.

The Tigers could not stand the heavy offense of Bulldogs as they completed 316 total rushing yards. Bulldog’s offense took a massive high with three touchdowns as the Tigers suffered to contain their opponents. Rountree’s 13 carriers could not save the game for the Tigers.    

The final score showed a 49-14 loss to the Tigers who started well but did raise their momentum when situations demanded them. Drinkwitz explained his disappointment that things have not gone as they planned because of their poor defense and offense. Their failure to contain the Bulldogs cost them heavily putting them in a position where they could not bounce back.

Although the coach and players of Tigers do not give up on their hopes as they MS state and they will look for every little opportunity to seize home the victory. While Bulldogs stand strong enough expecting a turnover in this season as they will face a weaker opponent in Vanderbilt (0-8). They are heavily favored for this one-off as Vanderbilt looks like a powerless team against Georgia and the victory to Bulldogs is going to be a cakewalk if things go as anticipated.


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