College Football: Top SEC Picks For Week 12

Author: Mansi


In no time we are into week 12 of college football. With each passing week, the season goes on becoming tougher day by day. However, with week 12 to kick start, every bettor would be eyeing on picks he would do during the start of this week. However, this won't be an easy task since every team is performing above their very surprising expectations. To choose the top picks, one must do an analysis. Likewise, we have made the same analysis of the top picks. However, you can refer to the same, and pick your favorites. After all, strategies differ from person to person. 

Though the initial phase of the season wasn't that good for most of the teams because of the rustiness players got in the quarantine period. But as soon as they were back into their groove, they started to perform for their sides with high-intensity. That's the reason we are getting some good games in the second phase of this season. With this being the most crucial season for most of the sides, this would be a cakewalk. Therefore, for those who are going to take this walk, this is the article you'll need to keep an eye on.

Kentucky will be on the positive side against Vanderbilt 

There is no such surprising statement that Vanderbilt is one of the worst teams of this season.  However, now they are up against Kentucky, probably the best side this season. Undoubtedly Kentucky has an upper hand over Vanderbilt in this clash. But it would be an interesting thing to see whether Vanderbilt can bounce back or not since it would be very difficult to play against the top side like Kentucky. In the first place, earlier last week Vanderbilt had a terrible loss against Tennessee. Therefore, it can get difficult for their players to get up and play yet another game. 

On the contrary, Kentucky had a two weeks gap before playing against Vanderbilt. This time is sufficient for them to prepare for them. In the like manner, all their players are in good rhythm, however, they have high morale specifically after defeating Volvulus with a huge margin. Therefore, picking Kentucky over Vanderbilt would be one of the top picks of week 12. So you can go with Vanderbilt if you love to take risks.

Florida getting below Missouri 

Missouri has been the standout team this season. They have troubled Gators this season like nothing. In every game they played against the Gators, they managed to be superior over them. However, it will be an interesting fact to see whether Florida makes their comeback in this game. As the game is going to be on a chilly winter morning there are high chances of players remaining calm in the initial part of the game. 

If Missouri has to win this game, they must have to improve their offense in the game. Their offense is becoming a great reason for worrying about them in the last few games. On the contrary, the Florida side has a good offense in this entire season. However, they are more likely to win this game with their offense. But by luck, if Missouri manages to improve their offense it will cause a real worry to the Florida Tigers.

Thus, this game would be quite interesting; however, by looking at recent odds and the latest performance from both sides we are banking on Florida for this game. However, dice may get reversed on a given day, so you can take the risk upon your risk factor. 

Final Words 

Predicting the top picks for the upcoming week is a little difficult this season. The reason behind this is nothing but the uncertainty of performance between all the players. However, this analysis can be up to mark. But again risk factor is important.


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