Game Preview For Week 12: Buffalo Bulls vs. Bowling Falcons

Author: Mansi


We are in Week-12 week of the NCAA football league. The teams played very well this season, even in the pandemic. This season is quite exciting because of the Covid 19 pandemics. The audience is not allowed to watch matches live in the football stadium. They are watching this season sitting on the couch at home with friends and family. Even the audience is not present to cheer their favorite team. Still, the footballers are performing excellently. 

Preview of Buffalo Bulls vs. Bowling Green Falcons 

Both of the teams played only two matches this season. We do not have many samples to predict who will play and how they should play against each other. However, the game is going to be fantastic. Both the teams are going to kick off each other. 

Buffalo Bulls:

The starting of the season is great for the Buffalo Bulls. The two games they won were by a significant difference in a score. In the first game with the Northern Illinois Huskies, the Bulls won by 49-30, which is excellent. The Buffalo Bulls set the bar high. Other teams were surprised with the bull's performance. In the next game with Miami, that match was won by 42-10, which is another victory by the Bulls. The players were performing well. 

K. Vantrease is the essential player for the Buffalo Bulls. He is performing well from the starting of this season. And he will perform in the rest of the season for sure. He comes up with 353 yards with four touchdowns in front of Miami. Also, he passed for five touchdowns with one interception. He also provides 63.3% of completion, which is excellent even when players need to get in the perfect form. J. Patterson is also a great player for the Buffalo Bulls. In this season, he has performed exceptionally well.

Bowling Green Falcons:

BowlingGreenFalcons are the exact opposite image of the Buffalo Bulls. They played for only two games yet and lost both. In the first match with the Toledo Rockets, the Falcons lost it by 38-3. The starting of the season went wrong for the players. The Toledo Rockets beat the Falcons with a considerable difference of score. After that, in the second of this season, the Kent State Golden Flashes won the match with 62-24 from the Bowling Green Falcons. 

The Bowling Green Falcons have consistently lost the game this season. They need to apply a few new strategies for the rest of the season. Also, they need to work on their team's gameplay. Falcons need to understand that defense is the key to success. They need to make their defense strong. At the same time, the rushing techniques are inadequate T. Stewart is the only consistent player from the Bowling Green Falcons 

For winning this match, the Falcons need to stop Vantrease from making a huge count of touchdowns. If the Falcons failed to defend, then the strategy does not work. Ultimately Falcons need to plan for another strategy in-between game, which is not possible. 

Falcons should not focus on the opponent's game. They need to work on their game itself.

Falcons rush, they will get more touchdowns. The count of passes seems significantly less as compared to the other teams.

Player to watch in this game:

K. Vantrease 

In this season, k. Vantrease seems in a good form. He was doing his job excellently. And also provides an excellent percentage of completion which is 63.3


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