College Football Picks: Tennessee vs. Auburn Tigers

Author: Mansi


The Eastern Michigan Eagles & the Duke Blue Devils are all set to kick-start their campaign in this year’s season. Both the teams will be pretty excited to start the season on a winning note, and that’s the reason this match will be a voltage game & all the football fans will be getting ready to enjoy this game. 


If we look at the last year’s performance of both the teams, it is seen that both teams have some quality players in their squads and it will be a good headache for their team management. But with the fact that all players are away from game practice for the last 6 months, it will be an area of concern for both sides and it will be interesting to see how this player announces their comebacks. 


Let’s have a quick look at players that should be picked for fantasy games from this match and their performance from the previous season.


Players to pick from Duke Blue Devils


Chase Brice


Chase will be leading the Duke Blue Devils in the passing section with his ability to pass on the ball quite well. In the last 2 games of this season, he was the only player who was playing from the passing section for his side. He completed 43 successful passes in the last two games. Whereas on the other hand, he attempted 79 passes. 


That probably indicates that he completes passes near about 54% and that’s the key actor in this game. If we look at the receiving & rushing side of the Eagles, Chase will be playing an important role, and there can be a difference between win & loss in this game. 


All the bettors & fantasy players will be eyeing on him to pick him in their respective squads. That’s the main reason for not dropping him in your fantasy game.


Noah Gray


When it comes to the receiving section missing, Noah will be like losing the game with a huge point difference. In the 2 games played this season, he averages nearly 13 points per game, just showing how crucial & important this player will be in this game. In only two games, he has 10 receptions so far, and also he has 129 points via receiving yards making him a more valuable player for this match. 


Team management must be happy with this level of performance from Noah so far, and they will be surely expecting a more intense game from their key player against the Eastern Michigan Eagles.  By looking at all these stats and expectations from this player, it is expected that he will be a top scorer in this match and you can’t miss the top scorer in your team if you have to win the league.



Players to pick from the Eastern Michigan Eagles


Mike Glass III


If Eastern Michigan Eagles have to start their campaign on a winning note then Mike Glass is an important player for them in this game. In the previous season, he was in a dream form of his life. In that whole season, he completed 266 passes from the total 401 passes he attempted. If you calculate his passing completion percentage, you will get to know that it is nearly 66% which shows how destructive this player can be if he gets into his zone. Mike had 3169 points through passing yards in the last season, which was the maximum number of yards’ points in that season for Eastern Michigan Eagles. Mike was averaging 8 points per game in that season thus missing him will surely hurt you in this match.


Arthur Jackson III


Just like Mike, Arthur was the savior for the Eastern Michigan Eagles in the previous season. In the last season, he had a total of 46 receptions for his team and made sure his team will have a good rank. He also had 54 points from the long interceptions, and that’s the reason he was the most decorated player for the Eastern Michigan Eagles in the previous season regarding points. Arthur was averaging about 16 points per game and if he manages to play with the same frequency it will be a good chance for the Eagles to register the win on their opening game. By looking at these points you can surely say that it is a necessary choice for your fantasy game.


Final Words


We all are aware of the fact that players will be a little lazy returning from home after almost 6 months, and that’s the main problem that we can’t predict anything surely thus watching the first few games & then putting some bets will be a good idea.


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