Key Points For Navy Midshipmen To Trouble Army Black Knights

Author: Sonali Pathak


The Covid 19 has not affected the College Football League. The matches are scheduled in partial lockdown too. However, we can see the level of enthusiasm of players. All the teams have performed very well this season. Also, the supporters are supporting their favorite teams through social media. Besides, betting is also going on well. The bettors are active for all the matches this season. This season we cannot see any audiences or supporters in the stadium. The management of the College Football League is not allowing the viewers to watch live matches.


As we know, this season was an entirely flop season for the navy midshipmen. They have lost the double of the matches which were won by them. Navy has played nine games this season. In those nine matches, they won only three games. We can see the players are still struggling to succeed. But the strategies are not working out, which will lead to failure. It's not like that the navy has lost the matches with a small difference. They have underperformed this season. The players are not making many efforts to win the game. They have lost all six games with a significant score difference.


To trouble Army Black Knights, the navy should target the strong points of the army. Else this match also leads to failure. As we know, the Army Black Knights are the strong team in the college football team. They have played phenomenal this season. However, they have been winning most of the matches from the start. Army has played nine games this season. Whereas, they won 7 games, which is the matches lost by navy midshipmen plus one. The Navy has lost only two games. This is considerable because of the injuries players had while playing for their team. 


For winning the game with Army Black Knights, the Navy should understand the Army leaders' game plan. After that, they should plan a contrast of opponents' game plan. N. Smith, D. Morris, M. Copper should come in front and lead the team neatly. The most important thing is to give direction to those who have not played much and especially to the youngsters. However, to defend, the opponents use youngsters. And the leaders should go to make the touchdowns. If the navy's defense is strong, then the army will struggle to get the ball on their side. 


However, the match seems one-sided because both teams' stats show a significant difference, which will cause morale down for the navy. On the other hand, the Army Black Knights will be more confident because of the excellent performance in this season, but no one can predict what will happen in the game. There are many chances for the navy to win the match. But the navy quite gets demotivated because the strong team is their opponent. The main problem with the navy is that they are not able to score touchdowns. 


Firstly, Navy Midshipmen should think about how to get the ball in hand with their players. This is the most important thing. If they won't be able to get the ball, then winning is difficult. To get the ball, leaders should be in front of the line while rushing. After the rush starts, the navy should try to pass the ball as much as they can and should irritate Army players. Moreover, target those players from the Army who scored the most touchdowns. Like S. Mccoy, J. Buchanan, etc. Defenders should defend these players from taking the ball in hand. Then there are many chances to lose the match for the Navy. 


Final Words 


The thing is, the Navy should focus on defensive techniques. Although there are good leaders in the Navy midshipmen, the support they need is not getting from the other players, which leads to failure. In this match, they should focus hot the army will not score many touchdowns than the navy. 



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