Betting Picks for Week 12: Utah Aggies vs. Wyoming Cowboys

Author: Mansi

The College Football games are getting thriller as the season is progressing. However, week 12 matches are expected to be more worthy. As we have moved to week 12, all the players are in perfect shape and ready to dominate the game. Hastily, every team management is also trying for a better game plan. Though, execution of plans from players is expected with sharp accuracy. This season has been good for almost every bettor. Bettors have earned more than expected this season. Likewise, they have high chances of making more money. The game between Utah Aggies and Wyoming Cowboys promises to be a high earning game for bettors. Bettors will be looking for statistical analysis so that they could invest accordingly. However, this isn't the work of a single person. Therefore, bettors can take the help of this article because this article will give you a few tips regarding bets for this game.

Players, it would be best if you kept an eye on the Utah Aggies -


Jason Shelley -

Utah Aggies are always famous for their passing units. However, Jason has been a backbone for their passing department. This season was phenomenal for both Utah Aggies and Jason Shelley. Therefore, if you are looking to put bets on the passing unit, then Jason will be a good player for you. Jason has played four games this season. From those four games, he has 99 passing attempts. This shows his dominance in a season so far. Out of those 99 passing attempts, he has 51 successful passes. However, this data shows he is having a passing percentage of more than 50%.

The team management is pleased with the performance of Jason. Likewise, if the Utah Aggies have to win the game, then Jason Shelley is an essential asset for them. If he manages to score points in the initial phase of the game, then he'll be a real booster for you regarding bets.


Players to bet on from Wyoming Cowboys -

Levi Williams -

Levi would be a key replacement for Jason from the passing department. Therefore, if you are taking risks by dropping Jason from your bets, then Levi will undoubtedly give you a handful amount of money from bets. He has always been a savior for the Wyoming Cowboys. His ability to pass the balls by tackling is on the next level. Therefore, he undoubtedly becomes an essential asset for their sides.

Levi has been part of the Wyoming Cowboys for the last six games this season. From those six games, he has 119 passing attempts. This is the maximum number of passing attempts from passing players. Out of those 119 passing attempts, he has 59 successful passes. Thus, this number shows his success percentage is nearly 50%. That's the main reason you can bet on Levi. Levi also has 877 passing yards this season.


Result prediction for a better clearance about betting

If we look at the team line-up for both the teams, both sides have equal chances of winning the game. However, the extra defense makes Utah Aggies favorite to win the clash. Therefore, you can go with the Utah Aggies as your betting favorite. However, Betting against them may work considering that the Wyoming Cowboys will bounce back strongly.
In the first place, if you are looking for safe betting options, then Betting on Utah Aggies is more than enough. Because they are having a combination of younger players and experienced players, that's why they are likely to win the game.


Final Words

Betting can go against your way. Because sometimes, stats and data may go opposite. Or sometimes we can misjudge the situation. Therefore, instead of getting demoralized, predict strong, and come back stronger in the next game. Right now just sit back, turn on your television sets and enjoy the game without any pressure.

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