NFL Draft Grades 2021 For Kansas, Las Vegas, Chargers, Rams, & Miami

Author: Megha Agarwal on Oct 18,2021

The NFL draft grades 2021 will give the full details of all the drafts of the NFL season that happened on that night. Read our NFL Draft Grades 2021 to find out more about your favorite NFL teams.


The 2021 NFL season is well into its sixth week and has seen some great matches. One of the factors for this is the NFL draft grades 2021. We have already seen the NFL draft grades 2021 for many teams. Now, we will see the NFL draft grades 2021 of several other squads.


NFL Draft Grades 2021



NFL Draft Grade 2021: A-

Day 1 grade: A-

Day 2 grade: A-

Day 3 grade: A


Draft picks


- Missouri LB Nick Bolton (No. 58 overall)

- Oklahoma C Creed Humphrey (No. 63)

- Florida State DE Josh Kaindoh (No. 144)

- Duke TE Noah Gray (No. 162)

- Clemson WR Cornell Powell (No. 181)

- Tennessee G Trey Smith (No. 226)


The team moved down 27 places as part of the trade for Orlando Brown Jr., the left tackle, giving the third and fourth-round picks to the Ravens and getting late-round picks in return. This was not a low price. But this may have become an understandable deal after seeing how Patrick was running for his life in the Super Bowl last year. Bolton is the type of attacking defender that the team requires at the second level. But, they could have utilized assistance at other spots too. Humphrey was able to seal the middle of the line. Kaindoh is a good fit for the team in the fourth round. He is a defender with a lot of upsides. It was thought that the team needed to improve the players behind Travis Kelce. The reliable hands and smooth movement of Gray caused Kansas to go up in trade for his services. But the swap of picks was not too costly.


Powell waited for his moment behind highly talented receivers at Clemson. But since then, he has proved that he can play at the next level as a wideout. Smith has a very unfortunate history with blood costs. This led him to go down more than three rounds in the draft. But the team took an easy chance on him in the sixth round and will get large advantages sooner than later.


Las Vegas

NFL Draft Grade 2021: B


Day 1 grade: B+

Day 2 grade: A

Day 3 grade: C


Draft picks


- Alabama OT Alex Leatherwood (No. 17 overall)

- TCU S Trevon Moehrig (No. 43)

- Buffalo DE Malcolm Koonce (No. 79)

- Virginia Tech LB Divine Deablo (No. 80)

- Missouri S Tyree Gillespie (No. 143)

- Illinois CB Nate Hobbs (No. 167)

- Pitt C Jimmy Morrissey (No. 230)


Experts had graded Alex as a late first-round choice. So, his selection by the team after the 16th pick was not a shock but a little surprising. We will find out if the more regarded tackle Christian Darrisaw becomes better with time. He came into the team after no. 22. Trading up for Moehrig can be a good move if his back injury does not enlarge into a future issue. Deablo and Koonce will meet the front-seven requirements next year and beyond. Deablo can move to the position of linebacker. The team also made sure to get the needed depth at safety by letting go of multiple late-round choices to get Gillespie. He is a good fourth-round choice. But the cost of that was letting go of a sixth-round choice and a chance to hone other parts of the roster.


The team also got a competitive cornerback and good athlete in Hobbs in the fifth round. The squad picked up-mobile and intelligent center in Morrissey despite getting Nick Martin and showing confidence in Andre James. Let us see if it works in the coming weeks of the NFL.



NFL Draft Grade 2021: A


Day 1 grade: A

Day 2 grade: A

Day 3 grade: A


Draft picks


- Northwestern OT Rashawn Slater (No. 13 overall)

- Florida State CB Asante Samuel Jr. (No. 47)

- Tennessee WR Josh Palmer (No. 77)

- Georgia TE Tre' McKitty (No. 97)

- Duke DE Chris Rumph II (No. 118)

- Nebraska OG Brenden Jaimes (No. 159)

- Iowa LB Nick Niemann (No. 185)

- Missouri RB Larry Rountree III (No. 198)

- Georgia S Mark Webb (No. 241)


Slater only got to no. 13 because of his moderate length for the tackle position. But he is sure to overcome that in the near future and get success in the league. This is because of his toughness and athleticism. Samuel has a slight frame, and this cost him a draft position. But the General Manager Tom Telesco got value by choosing the future starter midway in the second round. McKitty and Palmer gave Justin Herbert the required depth at pass catcher. They will assist in canceling out some of the production lost by the exit of Hunter Henry as a free agent. Including Rumph's Gumby-like bend of the boundaries should boost the team's pass-rush. James has the positional versatility that should give the squad's O-line greater flexibility. Rountree can be a value pick such as Justin Jackson for this team.



NFL Draft Grade 2021: A


Day 1 grade: A

Day 2 grade: B+

Day 3 grade: A


Draft picks


- Louisville WR Tutu Atwell (No. 57 overall)

- South Carolina LB Ernest Jones (No. 103)

- Texas A&M DT Bobby Brown III (No. 117)

- Central Arkansas Robert Rochell (No. 130)

- UCF WR Jacob Harris (No. 141)

- Northwestern DE Earnest Brown IV (No. 174)

- Maryland RB Jake Funk (No. 233)

- Notre Dame WR Ben Skowronek (No. 249)

- Concordia OLB Chris Garrett (No. 252)


We are typically not huge fans of giving away multiple first-round choices for a non-quarterback. But cornerback Jalen Ramsey can be seen as an exception to the rule. He is one of the best defenders in the league. His presence is the reason his team has one of the best defenses in the NFL. So letting the Jaguars get pick no. 25 and a fourth-round pick in this draft was a good deal. Atwell is a costly player who has an extremely small frame. This is a bit worrisome. General Manager Les Snead traded a third-round pick for a couple of fourth-round picks. This was expected, given Ram's absence of overall draft capital. Utilizing their third-round pick on Jones will fill a major requirement in defense. The team chose a couple of defensive linemen with the common surname of Brown, namely Bobby and Ernest.


The team wanted to replace Michael Brockers, who was traded to the Lions. Rochell was predicted to be picked in the fourth round. The team wanted depth in the position. The pick was a good combination of value and need. Harris won over squads at his pro day and looked to be a good receiving tight end. Garrett is an edge rusher candidate who will go at it in training camp.




NFL Draft Grade 2021: A

Day 1 grade: A-

Day 2 grade: A

Day 3 grade: A


Draft picks


- Alabama WR Jaylen Waddle (No. 6 overall)

- Miami edge rusher Jaelan Phillips (No. 18)

- Oregon S Jevon Holland (No. 36)

- Notre Dame OT Liam Eichenberg (No. 42)

- Boston College TE Hunter Long (No. 81)

- UMass OT Larnel Coleman (No. 231)

- Cincinnati RB Gerrid Doaks (No. 244)


In Phillips and Waddle, the team took big risks on a couple of talented players with injury issues. If they are successful, the team will be playoff-bound in a short while. Eichenberg and Holland were good choices in the required areas. Getting a tight end such as Long in the third round should assist in addressing free-agent losses after the end of the season. The team traded its fifth-round pick to the Steelers for a fourth-round pick next year. This is nearly always the correct call. Coleman's athleticism and length make him a great seventh-round choice. He has a lot to improve upon, but he can do so. Doaks will give competition in the backfield in this season of NFL.


NFL Draft Grades 2021 Has Been Great


The NFL draft grades 2021 have great picks by the squads. The NFL draft grades 2021 will help the squads to play their best game during the main season. The NFL draft grades 2021 show that the season will be fun to watch.



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