NFL Draft Grades 2021 For Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Seattle, And More

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Oct 22,2021

The NFL draft grades 2021 will give the entire information of all the drafts of the NFL season that occurred that night. Read our NFL Draft Grades 2021 to understand more about the prominent NFL teams.


The 2021 NFL season has started its seventh week, and there have been many great face-offs. The NFL draft grades 2021 is a primary reason for this. We have already written about the NFL draft grades 2021 for many squads. Now, we will get the NFL draft grades 2021 of several of the remaining squads.


NFL Draft Grades 2021




NFL Draft Grade 2021: A

Day 1 grade: A

Day 2 grade: A-

Day 3 grade: A


Draft picks


Alabama WR DeVonta Smith (No. 10 overall)

Alabama OL Landon Dickerson (No. 37)

Louisiana Tech DE Milton Williams (No. 73)

Texas Tech CB Zech McPhearson (No. 123)

Memphis RB Kenneth Gainwell (No. 150)

USC DT Marlon Tuipulotu (No. 189)

Coastal Carolina DE Tarron Jackson (No. 191)

LSU LB JaCoby Stevens (No. 224)

Tulane DE Patrick Johnson (No. 234)


In more than 15 years, Philadelphia became the first team to utilize consecutive first-round choices on receivers when they traded up a couple of spots to get Smith. They chose Reagor last year as 21st overall. Smith is a great talent who could prove worthy of sending their division opponents Cowboys a third-rounder for the swap of two places. Dickerson was chosen as a guard and could be center Jason Keice's replacement in a few years. But his injury history has made him a little bit of a risk as a top choice. Williams' athleticism had given him a spot in the third round. He will give the team some required depth at defensive tackle. The team got the nickel corner they wanted in McPhearson in the fourth round. Then they got their value in the fifth round with a dual-threat back slasher in Gainwell.


Trading sixth and seventh-round choices this year to Washington for a fifth next year was a smart move. The fifth-rounder will play as a better trading chip if they want to make another pick next year. With Derek Barnett and Josh Sweat set to be free agents soon, they were shrewd to get Jackson in the sixth round. Stevens is a robust leader and tackler who could be a safety or linebacker in the league.




NFL Draft Grade 2021: A

Day 1 grade: A

Day 2 grade: A

Day 3 grade: B+


Draft picks


Alabama RB Najee Harris (No. 24 overall)

Penn State TE Pat Freiermuth (No. 55)

Illinois C Kendrick Green (No. 87)

Texas A&M OT Dan Moore (No. 128)

Texas A&M LB Buddy Johnson (No. 140)

Wisconsin DE Isaiahh Loudermilk (No. 156)

Miami OLB Quincy Roche (No. 216)

Oklahoma CB Tre Norwood (No. 245)

Georgia Tech P Pressley Harvin III (No. 254)


Harris's game is similar to that of Le'Veon Bell. So, no one was shocked that the team turned in the virtual card to get his talents in their offense. His playmaking skills were tough to pass up, even if it meant ignoring the offensive front. The group finally solved their issues upfront by choosing Green in round 3. He is a powerful and athletic center. General Manager Kevin Colbert made the right decision in selecting a top talent such as Freiermuth in round 2 instead of opting for all linemen because of the requirement. The GM made another shrewd choice in Moore. He is an underrated athlete and steady player who can be the starter they want at tackle. The team also doubled up on A&M stars. They drafted Johnson with their next choice. He will be a starter at inside backer in the coming time. This is big for a squad that had so many injuries at this spot the previous season.


The team went off-script a little when it traded a fourth-rounder next year to Miami to choose Loudermilk, like Stephen Tuitt. But there were many quality defensive linemen in that round that they could have gone for without giving up picks. Roche is a productive line player who was an incredible value in the sixth round. The squad did not want Harvin to get into the open market. He got him with one of the final picks of the draft. Let us see if it works in the coming weeks of the NFL.


San Francisco


NFL Draft Grade 2021: B+

Day 1 grade: A

Day 2 grade: B

Day 3 grade: B+


Draft picks


North Dakota State QB Trey Lance (No. 3 overall)

Notre Dame OG Aaron Banks (No. 48)

Ohio State RB Trey Sermon (No. 88)

Michigan CB Ambry Thomas (No. 102)

Western Michigan OT Jaylon Moore (No. 155)

Oregon CB Deommodore Lenoir (No. 172)

USC S Talanoa Hufanga (No. 180)

Louisiana RB Elijah Mitchell (No. 194)


The team was not interested in waiting for Jimmy Garoppolo to remain healthy after seeing him in the starting lineup in only more than two dozen regular-season matches in four years with the squad. Lance is a great talent with a limited resume. We cannot wait to find out how good he gets in the future. Banks will assist in forming a wall in front of Lance. Sermon is a good third-round value pick at running back, and he has the potential to stick in the secondary. Thomas and Banks may have chosen a bit earlier than their cost indicated. Leaving a couple of fourth-round choices to pick a running back will be examined if he gets injured again. Moore has the talent to play guard or tackle for the team. He impressed scouts at the Reese's Senior Bowl this year but looked quite raw at times.


Lenoir will compete with Thomas for playing time as a newbie. Hufanga could be a great nickel safety in the coming times. Getting Mitchell in the sixth round as a backup ball carrier and returner was good.




NFL Draft Grade 2021: B

Day 1 grade: B

Day 2 grade: B

Day 3 grade: B


Draft picks


Western Michigan WR D'Wayne Eskridge (No. 56 overall)

Oklahoma CB Tre Brown (No. 137)

Florida OT Stone Forsythe (No. 208)


It is still to be decided whether giving up a couple of first-round picks to the Jets for safety Jamal Adams will be a great move. His play next year and the group's ability to get him an extension will determine the judgment. Eskridge gives Russell Wilson an explosive target. But the squad's lack of investment in the offensive line can be a little pricey. Brown is an undersized corner who does not back down from a challenge. He will help fulfill an area of need after the team lost Shaquill Griffin and Quinton Dunbar in free agency. Forsythe may be the draft's top pick because he can be a right or left tackle starter. Letting go off a seventh-round pick to get him could prove to be a great investment. He will give competition in the backfield in this season of the NFL.


Tampa Bay


NFL Draft Grade 2021: A-

Day 1 grade: A

Day 2 grade: B

Day 3 grade: A


Draft picks


Washington OLB Joe Tryon (No. 32 overall)

Florida QB Kyle Trask (No. 64)

Notre Dame OT Robert Hainsey (No. 95)

North Texas WR Jaelon Darden (No. 129)

Auburn LB K.J. Britt (No. 176)

BYU CB Chris Wilcox (No. 251)

Houston LB Grant Stuard (No. 259)


The versatility of Tyron fits very well in the team's scheme. He can stand up as a powerful rush linebacker or play the five-technique. The squad was required to get younger there. Jason Pierre-Paul, William Gholston, and Ndamukong Suh turn into potential free agents when the season finishes. Trask could be a player like Nick Foles. He can start down the line but was picked one round earlier than what he was worth. Hainsey brings toughness and versatility to a team in need of depth.


NFL Draft Grades 2021 Has Been Pleasantly Good


The NFL draft grades 2021 have great choices by the squads. The NFL draft grades 2021 will aid the team to play their best players during the season. The NFL draft grades 2021 are giving a significant boost to the season.


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