Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl - A Top Team vs. Underdog

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The Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl will give the fans a match that nearly none of them had predicted when this year's edition of the NFL started. The Cincinnati Bengals had a very distant shot at getting to the Super Bowl. They had won the least amount of matches a couple of years ago in the entire league and less than five matches in the previous season. The team has had the swiftest turnaround from a horrible record to the NFL final in the league's history. The Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl will have the Los Angeles Rams as their rivals on 13th February. They will become one of the few teams in history that have played the Super Bowl in their own home venue. Before them, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had gained victory in the Super Bowl the previous year at their own home venue, the Raymond James Stadium.


In this article about the Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl, we will look at both the teams in the match. We will provide some vital statistics and get into the game plan. We will answer the main questions surrounding this final match of the season.


Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl: Los Angeles Rams Are the Favorites


Any team that has Matthew Stafford in the squad stays on till the final second of a match. His resourcefulness will be a big advantage for the team. The fourth-quarter comebacks of the player in the regular season are among the top five in the history of the league. He has also helped his team to get consecutive late wins in the past couple of weeks. Joe Burrow of the Bengals might be playing at a higher level. But it is tough to pit him against Stafford, along with the receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Cooper Kupp, on the field with the match on the line. This may feel a little out there, given that coach Sean McVay has led the Rams to a couple of Super Bowl appearances, but sometimes we feel that he becomes his own hurdle. His random use of timeouts is well known. His play calling can be overthought sometimes. He has also admitted that he did not adjust to the defensive playing style of the New England Patriots in their previous Super Bowl appearance.


McVay has been the main factor of the team's success in his term and one of the main reasons it has not yet been at the top of the league. We hope he will cross the final barrier in the Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl. The front line of the Rams, especially the edge rusher Von Miller and defensive tackle Aaron Donald, are a big mismatch against the offensive line of the Bengals. The fans have experienced how Burrow has managed to hold his own against the pass-rushers pushing aggressively, especially in the divisional match against the Titans. But he will have to face the most talented and aggressive rush in the form of Rams players. Aggressive interior pass rushes have won several Super Bowls that take the quarterbacks out of their usual zone.


Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl: Bengals are the Underdogs


This cannot be overanalyzed. The reward for the team for having the worst record a couple of years ago was that of quarterback Joe Burrow. He is now the top overall pick to get his squad to the Super Bowl within his initial couple of seasons. He has been holding up quite well behind the offensive line that cannot keep him clean. In the previous match for the team, he completed six of eleven passes when under pressure. He converted more than two touchdowns via scrambles. When the rivals found methods to cover the best receiver, Ja'Marr Chase, Burrow shifted to Tee Higgins. Burrow is now playing like a dominant point guard in the NCAA tournament. He is carrying a squad that has several disqualifying deficiencies otherwise. The team made many major defensive adjustments after getting a defeat against the Chiefs in their previous match. They started making passes outside the numbers and took away their receiver Tyreek Hill. The rival quarterback Patrick Mahomes had ten attempts in the first half for more than 120 yards and two touchdowns. After halftime, the player missed out on six of seven such throws. It is good that the defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo could make that adjustment.


But we would all be a little naïve to assume that the team can absorb a similar body blow in the upcoming Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl. The defense of the Bengals did have its questionable moments during this season of the NFL. It was ranked more than twenty in the opposing total QBR. Can they be trusted against the likes of Matthew Stafford? The Bengals could possibly get a victory in the Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl. They will have to ride the wave that has been seen in the other recent Super Bowl victors. The top team of the regular season does not always get victory in the Super Bowl. The squad plays with the highest confidence and the best in the postseason. Sometimes, the gap can be quite wide. All the members of the organization of the team believe that they can win. That is a big boost for any team going into a major battle.


Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl: Seth Walder can be an Impact Player


The Rams have dominated the trenches. The receiver Cooper Kupp gets the main plays. But you cannot rule out the linemen who have fueled the team's path to the Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl. The Bengals will be in good shape if they can keep Joe Burrow silent. Entering the Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl, they had one of the top expected points added per play on plays when any pass is thrown. This was buoyed by Burrow leading the NFL in the completion percentage over the expectation. But that is still only a possibility. Cincinnati ranked more than twenty in the passblock win rate leading into the AFC Championship match. Meanwhile, Burrow had a sack rate of ten percent, which was among the top five in the entire league.


Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl: Will Sean McVay's Offense Work?


The Rams averaged thirty-three points per match in the regular season, and twenty-nine in the playoff matches during their last Super Bowl run. Then they reached the final and lost comprehensively to the New England Patriots, Belichick, and Tom Brady. It was a great downer for McVay, who said the following weeks that he would do several things differently if he had another opportunity. Now, he has that opportunity, and he also has Matthew Stafford's services at quarterback. The Rams went for the quarterback a year ago because the coach thought he had gone as far as he could with the quarterback Jared Goff. He believes that Stafford raises the team's ceiling at the quarterback position and that the offense can now do much more with him than what was possible with Goff.


The NFC Championship match wins means that the quarterback has gone as far with the team as the squad did some years ago. Now, the team is on the biggest stage. McVay will have to show everyone that they can light it up like the team is supposed to do. The wide receiver Cooper Kupp is also seeking to cap a record-breaking season. Odell Beckham Jr. looks very fit to participate in the Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl. He is only half a year removed from a torn Achilles. But he is looking great at running back right now. All the big players are in place for the team.




The Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl match will be a very close one between one of the league's top teams against an unlikely underdog. All the hype right now is around the quarterback play. This is for great reason. Joe Burrow of the Bengals has been playing great in the playoffs. Matthew Stafford of the Rams has given exactly what his new squad was hoping for from him. But the top layer may well turn out to be Aaron Donald, the defensive tackle of the Rams. He had helped to close out the NFC Championship match.


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