Preview - IFAF Women's American Football Championships 2022

Author: Yash

There are just a few days left for the world's top women's football teams to head to Finland, where the IFAF Women's American Football Championships will be held for the fourth time. The town of Vantaa will have a large pool of football fans, so there will be plenty of cheers for all the games to be held at the Myymaki Stadium.

During the competition, all teams will play three games to compete for medals and world ranking points. Each "Game Day" will comprise four games on July 30th, August 3rd, and August 7th. It is scheduled that the number one seed will take on the eighth seed, the number two seed will face the seventh seed, the third seed will take on the sixth seed, and the fourth seed will face the fifth seed in the first round. The results of those matches will determine second-round games.


Great Britain’s Prospects


Mexico will be the opponent for the Great Britain Lions in the opening game of the IFAF Women's American Football Championships 2022. Despite losing that earlier game, they are determined to avenge it this time around. In conversation with some of the team's players, Coach Chris Stone is optimistic about the team's chances in the competition. He said, “There’s a great sense of confidence heading into Finland. Each camp, as we moved closer to the tournament, we’ve seen players develop individually, forge relationships as teammates, and overall, continue to raise the level of intensity. As a collective group, we know how much hard work and sacrifice has gone into this, and we’re really just excited to finally show the world what we’ve been building towards”.

With Antoinette Morgan and Ruth Matta, the Lions will have both thunder and lightning in their backfields. Having won another National Title in the States with the Boston Renegades, Matta is eager to rejoin her GB teammates. She added, “I’m really excited for the upcoming worlds. During previous tournaments, we’ve always just fallen short and haven’t really fulfilled our potential, and that’s been really frustrating. There’s been a lot of change since our last outing, so, with all this, we’re expecting this to be our time to show just how great Team GB can be.”

As well as relishing the opportunity to introduce herself to her opponents, Morgan is also looking forward to meeting her linebackers at the IFAF Women's American Football Championships 2022. “It’s always an honor to be selected for GB and play alongside so many amazing athletes. I have been lucky to have been involved in the program since the first 11’s friendly against Sweden in 2014. Since this time, the ability of the squad has grown exponentially, and I’m excited to see what we can bring to the World stage. For this campaign, we have seen an influx of newer, talented players and coaches who have helped to further develop and shape the level of Football IQ within the squad. We push and challenge each other to bring our best, each and every practice, and I can’t wait to see how our hard work translates to the field in Finland”.


The Hosts


In order to accommodate the IFAF Women's American Football Championships 2022, the host team Finland will take a break from their national season. Taking a pragmatic and positive approach to preparing his team, Head Coach Mika Eloranta sees the game as a great opportunity for his players. The 60-player roster was announced last month, and from this group, they will assemble the final team. A final 45-player roster was selected at the end of last month's training camp. The 15 players who will be on the team have already been announced, so they are progressing step by step. Unfortunately, some players were injured along the way, but that's the nature of the game. In Finland, we still have one round of football left before the tournament break, so hopefully, all selected players will stay in shape. Overall, team Finland has a great team that will be ready for the tournament. The best thing Finland can do is make the medal games, even if their ultimate goal is to win all of their games. They hope that their football family will grow throughout the tournament, and they hope that everyone enjoys the games.


The Favorites


In the Gold Medal Match, there can be no denying that both North American teams are favorites. It will be difficult for them to overcome all the experiences they bring. One of the best examples is Canada, which will participate in its fourth World Championship with a player who has participated in two previous ones. Defensive back Trina Graves retains her youthful enthusiasm despite her experiences as a veteran competitor. “Being the 4th time at Worlds, it still feels a little surreal to have the opportunity to compete again, but the push continues to prepare mentally and physically for July, so to be able to represent the Red & White and the amazing women I play beside the best I can. I cannot wait to get into the thick of the week before with practices, planning, adjusting, and essentially building Team Canada.”




While the players are on their way to the stadium, millions of viewers everywhere will be getting their favorite snacks and drinks, tracking the game schedule, and pulling up their sofas for the game to begin. We have been informed that all of the games will be live-streamed. The IFAF 2022 Women’s World Championships is the one you do not want to miss. If you like fast-paced, impactful action, you don't want to miss the IFAF Women's World Championships 2022.

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