Southern Hills Course PGA Championship 2022 - Preview

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The players at Southern Hills Country Club have big tournament ambitions and a fabulous view of the Tulsa skyline ahead of them as they approach the event on May 19. The Gil Hanse restoration of the PGA Tour venue is set to stage the opening of seven grand slams during its lifetime at this coming PGA Tour. From 2018 until 2019, Hanse and his team led the redevelopment effort with a clear mission to restore Southern Hills to its original design by Perry Maxwell. Tiger Woods's victory at the PGA Majors in 2007 marked the last public sighting of Southern Hills' previous incarnation during the mid-thirties era. 


In addition to its dense forest and extensive sand traps, Southern Hills PGA Championship provided a formidable challenge for the world's top competitors. Having experienced it since the early 2000s, it can be described as somewhat generous off the tee with sand trap layouts that vary and steep slopes near the course. 


The Southern Hills experience


Southern Hills PGA tour is starting on May 19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since Southern Hills courses run to a par 69 and cover a region of 7,000 yards, meaning golfers will need to excel in the short game department. However, that's not all. The par 6s stretch over 620 yards, while there are three par 4s over 180 yards, so it is likely that the par 3s will be the ones that will decide the winner, as they are the ones that will allow competitors to separate themselves from the others.

In addition to presenting the only possibility for birdies, the 17th hole is particularly significant to players. A thrilling climax may be in store at Southern Hills, as it has three par 4s that fall below 380 yards. Oklahoma winds are expected to cause havoc, the winning score is likely to hover around even par, and the U.S. Open-style event may begin a month before the actual championships begin. A great deal has happened since the beginning of the year, and the 2nd grand slam tour of the year has arrived. In addition to being the co-favorite to win the 2022 PGA Championship, there is an established No. 1 player in the world who tops our list for the most likely winner. Several former PGA grand slam winners have improved their performances in the last few months, and they have a chance to build on their already impressive scores, while another pair of former major winners has slowed a bit.

The results of the Masters will influence the selection of possible winners of this tournament since several of the golfers who finished in the top 10 on the leaderboard are represented here. This is due to two factors. The first is that your overall game will be judged on how well you play the first major of the year, and the second is that Southern Hills has been compared to Augusta National in terms of how it will play. Interestingly enough, neither of the two players most talked about this week is included on this list. Phil Mickelson opted to sit this one out after his acrimonious comments about both LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, and Tiger Woods was too rusty to be included on any list of even the 40 most likely winners.


The Favorites


Justin Thomas  

This season, he has done well in seven out of twelve worldwide events, thanks to his ability to deliver iron shots of different ranges and powers. His accuracy off the tee poses some mild concerns, and his ability to cash in with his putter is also a concern, but this is the perfect golf course for him to carry on dominating.


Rory McIlroy 

In recent years, McIlroy has not been as impressive at the PGAs as his early career suggests. He has reached the top 8 only once since winning in 2014 at Valhalla, and that was the most challenging test at Bethpage North in 2019. It has been claimed this week that Southern Hills will be similar to Augusta National. If that is true, then McIlroy will do well there since he has an impressive record. His fans are most interested in his start as well as his short game, which he has played very well this season. If he's in the running, it might be one of the most interesting things to watch this week.


Scottie Scheffler 

The reason Scheffler has become a PGA championship contender has less to do with his Master's victory and more to do with his success at the four biggest events since the start of 2019. The world's top-ranked golfer comes into this week with six consecutive top-15 finishes, securing five top 10s and a green jacket. His failure to finish inside the top 10 would be the most notable disappointment among all the players expected to win this week.


Jon Rahm 

The skills he possesses when it comes to hitting balls are excellent. However, he has had difficulties in the course. We are optimistic Rahm can regain his touch sometime in the near future since this is a fairly new trend, and from what his fans know about him, he is an exceptional golfer. Some points might be up for him this week at Southern Hills; we are just uncertain. He has shown incredible endurance in PGA tours. Among his previous five starts, the lowest of his outcomes is a T25 at the Masters. His other finishes have all been good enough for top-ten finishes. 


Cameron Smith 

He is right now the forgotten man. Scheffler's work over the past few weeks has demolished Smith's dominance in the early part of this year. However, this event is likely to be a good fit for him if his Augusta National tournament run is anything to go by, where he had four top 8 finishes. Southern Hills' large landing areas assist Smith off the tee because he tends to get a little wayward, and he's the leading golf pro of his generation, and it hasn't been competitive during his last 15 outings. It's possible that Smith is the most promising golfer of his era if he can hit the ball on the greens, and this course assists him from then on.


Dustin Johnson 

When players are rated according to how quickly they find a purple patch after a period of consistency in difficulty, Johnson would be ranked No. 1. The pieces are positioned in such a way that, even if a third major from him is not in the cards this week, it won't come as a shock. In the past five years, Johnson has consistently been one of the formidable players on the Tour. But, it doesn't appear he has improved in that area this year, and he had only lost strokes since the end of March when he finished T10.



Even though some people dislike golf, it is arguably among the world's most famous sports. It is a club and ball sport where players must use the club to hit the ball. This sport's objective is to hit the ball into as many holes as possible with as few strokes as possible, which at first seems easy but can be difficult at times, especially in some situations. Golf is unique, as each fairway is different, unlike many other sporting events that can be played in a fixed venue. They often have a lot of holes to explore, and you can often find things like sandboxes and even small pools. As a result, the PGA Championship remains one of the most coveted achievements in golf history.


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