NASCAR: Everything about the Noose Found in Bubba's Garage

Author: Sonali


After the noose incident, Bubba Wallace was honored by NASCAR and the Superspeedway race was postponed for a few days. This incident took place only two days after the Confederate flag was banned from all races and facilities.

NASCAR came up saying that the league is taking this investigation very seriously. And it came to action immediately after the noose was found in a 43 team garage stall. It also said that those who have done this would not be spared and would be immediately eliminated from the race. NASCAR officials said there is no room for any kind of racial discrimination and sports is and has been always open to everyone.

Other Players Reacting to the Noose Incidence.

The reports said that Wallace did not see the noose, but one of the members of his team did. The Chevrolet for Richard Petty Motorsports driver shared his take on social media and called it “despicable.” However, NASCAR has kept a distance from the Confederate flag for years, but after the noose incident, the fans outside displayed it.

After the incident, players including LeBron and Dale Earnhardt Jr. came in support of Bubba, saying “ Hope Bubba wins it tomorrow.” NASCAR painted "#IStandWithBubba" at Talladega Superspeedway to honor Bubba. Wallace is the only full-time African-American driver who made headlines after he requested that NASCAR ban Confederate flags after George Floyd was killed in police custody. Bubba in an incident said that “As my mother told me today, ‘They are just trying to scare you.’ This will not break me, I will not give in, nor will I back down. I will continue to proudly stand for what I believe in.

NASCAR Releasing the Picture of Noose in Buba’s Garage.

NASCAR also released the picture of the noose that was hanging in Bubba’s garage stall. The Garage stall was clearly tied into a noose. One of the members of the team saw the noose hanging. After administering an investigation it was found that no other garage stall ropes were tied into nooses. In a statement, NASCAR President Steve Phelps said, “With similar emotion; others across our industry and our media stood up to defend the NASCAR family, our NASCAR family because they are part of the NASCAR family too. We are proud to see so many stand up for what's right.” After investigation, it was found that 11 garage pull ropes of 1,684 were tied into knots and only one of them was tied into a noose. Bubba is the only full-time black driver.

The noose in Buba’s Garage Investigation.

The FBI said that after 15 agents investigated the noose, it was decided there would not be any charges. It was observed that the noose was stalled from the time of Wood Brothers Racing when they had the same garage in 2019. One of the members of the WBR team said that he had seen the knot sometimes nine months ago. The security footage indicates that the noose had been formed at the time when NASCAR was at the track. However, NASCAR had not been able to establish who formed the noose as the garage area is wide open and fans can also roam around. It was found there was no hate crime intended against Wallace. However, Wallace said that irrespective of whether it was intentional or not, but the rope that was hanging was still tied into a noose. Furthermore, it was found that no other garage had anything like the one that was found in Wallace's garage.



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