Indy 500 Reduces Fans to 25% from 50% Capacity

Author: Sonali


Indy recently announced the reduction of fan attendance from 50% to 25% capacity. In addition, to limit the number of fans, there would be strict testing protocols implementations, mask requirements, and social distancing.

The 88-page detailed-plan was released which will follow the 104th edition of the race during the coronavirus pandemic. The unusual race under the new track owner Roger Penske was planned to happen on the Memorial Day weekend of May on Sunday. However, it came to a sudden halt because of the coronavirus outbreak and was scheduled on August 23. This is going to be completely different this time.

Fans Capacity to 25% from 50%

In a recent announcement, the fan capacity will be reduced to 25% from 50%, as a part of the precautionary measures. Around 87,500 fans will attend the race at the massive speedway and social distancing would be taken care of by distributing the tickets. And, this smaller sized crowd would make for the biggest crowd in North America, since the coronavirus outbreak took place in March.

Before entering the race area, every fan will be checked for their temperature, and the food will be pre-packed. The fans will also be given sanitizer and a mask — they will have to wear the mask throughout the race (when they aren’t eating or drinking). Throughout the speedway, there would be signage and video demonstration to guide everyone there. This unusual procedural arrangement will set an example of how people can come together in times like this.

The Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 - has been continuously there in the scenario since 1911. There were only two breaks during World War I and World War II. However, the speedway does not have officially announced the numbers, but about 300,000 people will be there in the infield lake and golf course, which will surpass the Ascot Racecourse, which is the biggest of all the sports facilities.

Since 1950, the speedway has not broadcasted live television coverage of the race since 1950, which was done to cut the number of ticket-sales & attendees. It was only in 2016, the 00th running when this blackout was lifted when all the tickets were sold.

The Most Important Thing for the Fan!

For fans, the most important point is going to be wearing masks, which has been the most important requirement throughout the country. Indianapolis mayor has issued official orders in several states & cities wherein the one cannot move around in public places without masks. It is hoped that these six weeks of the practice will make them accustomed to wearing masks.


Before returning on August 9, the IndyCar is off to the road course at Mid-Ohio. The team, after that, will begin with practice and qualifying. Both of these sessions would be open for fans where a similar set of safety protocols had to be followed as through the race day.

The fans can easily wander around the garages with access to the Gasoline Alley, but only a smaller number will be allowed. And, many of the race events including the Last Row Party, concerts, and the red carpet have already been canceled. In addition to that, the Legends Day and the 500 Festival Parade has also been canceled.

Talking about this, the chief medical officer for Global Medical Response, Dr. Ed Racht said that, “The organizers have done a tremendous job of identifying those environments that have been high-risk, and they have been canceled. The temperature screening component identifies potentially anybody who wouldn't be allowed in. Face coverings make a difference, and I think culturally, we're all realizing that is an effective way to minimize transmission.”


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