Get Set to Witness 6 Round Format at NASCAR All-Star Race

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NASCAR All-Star Race is an annual car competition that involves a car race between the winners of the previous and the current racing seasons. The first NASCAR race was held in 1985 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. From then on, the race took place every year at the same stadium till 2019, with 1986 as an exception. Michael Waltrip was the first NASCAR All-Star Race winner. Later, various winners came and competed with each other to win the title. 

Now, in the year 2021, the race is going to take place in the month of June. If you are a motor sports fanatic and curious to know all about NASCAR all-star competition, you must read this article. Right from the essential information to participants list to race format to the ticket price, we have covered everything in this article. All the information that you need to know about NASCAR All-Star Racing 2021 is listed here. So read on and get ready to enjoy the race. To learn more about NASCAR races, you must check out the official website. 


NASCAR All-Star Race Information

Date: June 13th, 2021

Track: Texas Motor Speedway

Length of the track: 1.5 mi (2.4 km)

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Price (Winner): $1 million

Price (Fastest Pit Crew): $100,000

Sponsors: Busch Beer, Coca-Cola, GEICO, and Xfinity


NASCAR All-Star Race 2021 Format

NASCAR and Texas Motor Speedway officials announced the format of the NASCAR All-Star Race 2021. They revealed that the race would have six rounds with a 100-lap race for the Fort Worth track's inaugural hosting. Here is the format and the procedure of the race:


1. A random draw will set the starting lineup. Since Kyle Larson is the winner of two consecutive races, he will take the pole position. Rest 16 will be determined by the draw. 

2. Round 1: 

The first round will have 15 laps in total. Following this round, the field will be reversed. The rest of the positions from 8th to 12th will be determined by the draw. 

3. Round 2: 

The second round will also have 15 laps. After this round, the entire field will be inverted. 

4. Round 3: 

This round will be the same as the first. Fifteen laps will be there, and the field will be inverted after the round. Then, a random draw will select the 8th to 12th positions. 

5. Round 4: 

Fifteen laps will be there in this round too.

6. Round 5: 

Now the laps will be increased to 30. In this round, the starting lineup will be chosen by the cumulative finish from the previous four rounds. The driver with the highest score will be at the pole position. In the case of a tie between the drivers, the position will be determined based on previous victories. 

7. Round 6: 

The last round will have ten laps. Now, the drivers will line up in the order in which they finished the previous round.


NASCAR All-Star Race Telecast

All the NASCAR All-Star Race fans who can’t travel to Texas to witness the race can enjoy it right from their couch. They can either watch the telecast on the television or can listen to the race on the radio. Here are all the details that you must know. 



Fox Sports will telecast the race in the United States. In 2021, fans can watch the race on their television on the Fox Sports channel. They will broadcast the LIVE race and cover the beginning at 8:00 PM ET from Texas.


- Booth announcers:  Mike Joy, Jeff Gordon, and Clint Bowyer will be at the booth during the race. 

- Pit reporters: Jamie Little and Regan Smith will be the in-charge of the pit road for the television broadcast. 

- In-race analyst: Larry McReynolds will provide the viewers with insights into the race from the Fox Sports studio. 



All the radio listeners here’s good news for you — the race will also be telecasted on the radio. Maintaining the long-term partnership with Speedway Motorsports, Motor Racing Network (MRN) will broadcast the race on the radio. It will also be a live telecast on June 13, 2021. 


- Booth announcers: Alex Hayden and Jeff Striegle will be at the booth, with Alex being the lead announcer.

- Turn announcers: For a better broadcast, there will be two announcers on both sides of the track. Dave Moody will have turns 1 & 2, while Kyle Rickey will be in turns 3 & 4.

- Pit reporters: The pit lane will be handled by Steve Post and Kim Coon. 


NASCAR All-Star Race Tickets

NASCAR All-Star Race 2021 is an upcoming car race that will be held in Texas on June 13, 2021. It is one of the best races globally, and people are going crazy to witness it right from the stadium. Here are the ticket prices for enjoying the race from Texas Motor Speedway.


- GRANDSTAND TICKET PRICE: The prices of the all-star race start from just $35 for adults and  $10 for kids (age 12 or below). However, it keeps on changing as per the seating arrangements. 

Due to the current pandemic situation, the authorities are required to fulfill social distancing protocols. Because of this, the seats will be assigned later by the Texas Motor Speedway.

- RACING ELECTRONICS SCANNERS: To maximize your racing experience, you must purchase a Racing Electronics scanner and headset. It will help you listen to the conversation between the drivers and the team during the actual race. If you are a NASCAR All-Star Race fanatic, then you must reserve your electronics scanners today. It’s the only sport that lets the audience enjoy behind-the-scenes. You can rent the scanner for $65.00. 


Qualifying Criteria for The Race

Not all racers are eligible to take part in the NASCAR All-Star Race 2021. The following drivers are qualified to compete in the race:


- The driver who has won the race either in 2020 or in 2021. Even if the driver is no more a part of the team with which he has won the race, he will retain his eligibility.

- If a driver is a champion in past cups in the last ten years. 

- A driver who has won an all-star race in any of the previous 10-years race. 

- The driver who is the winner of the Sprint Open is eligible. 

- A driver who is not eligible by any of these criteria but is a winner of any of the previous year’s race. 


Other than the stated qualification criteria, there are two different ways by which a driver can take part in an all-star race. Either the driver will win at least one of the three NASCAR Open stages or get the maximum votes from their fans. 


NASCAR All-Star Race Drivers

The votes of the fans will select the drivers for the NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race. Although the voting is still going on, the five top vote-getters are chosen by the authorities. They are Chase Briscoe, Matt DiBenedetto, Erik Jones, Daniel Suarez, and Bubba Wallace.


Other than these, there are a total of 17 drivers who are already a part of the NASCAR All-Star Race. These drivers are:


Alex Bowman Ryan Newman
Christopher Bell Kyle Larson 
William Byron Michael McDowell
Martin Truex Jr. Ryan Blaney
Kyle Busch Kurt Busch
Kevin Harvick Joey Logano
Denny Hamlin Cole Custer
Chase Elliott Brad Keselowski
Austin Dillon  


General FAQs


Ques. 1: Do people in the stadium require to wear a mask during the race?

Ans.: During major outdoor events at The Texas Motor Speedway or the all-star race, people are not obliged to wear facial masks.


Ques. 2: What is the arrival time on the day of the NASCAR All-Star Race?

Ans.: The arrival time will depend upon the race a visitor wants to enjoy. Here is the complete schedule of NASCAR All-star Weekend races. However, a visitor is asked to reach the stadium two hours before the race. This will help them get a seat quickly and enjoy all the non-racing activities. 


Ques. 3: What items can a fan bring on race day?

Ans.: Fans are usually curious to know what all they can carry with them to the stadium. They can bring seat cushions, food and drinks, scanners, binoculars, and cameras with them. However, weapons, illegal substances, firearms or fireworks, and glass are not allowed. 


Ques. 4: Whom to contact in case of ticket issues?

Ans.: In case you got stuck with an issue with your tickets, you can reach out to the agent at Gate 4 of Texas Motor Speedway on the day of the race. However, you can contact representatives at 817-215-8500 from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT (Monday – Friday) in case of issues before the race day.


Ques. 5: Are pets allowed on race day?

Ans.: Pets are not allowed on the speedway. They can be brought to camping areas, but they have to stay there only. However, pets can be taken to the speedway in case of impaired guests or other ADA purposes. 



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