The Australian Grand Prix 2022 - Key Details To Know

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It is time to get ready for experiencing some roaring action on your screens again because the Australian Grand Prix 2022 is back. The event will start on Friday, 8th April, and continue until Sunday, 10th April. The grand event will be shown live on the network around the world. The Australian Grand Prix 2022 has been made bigger than ever for its silver jubilee in Melbourne. There will be several practice sessions held on Friday and Saturday. These will be held before the qualifying race on the morning of Saturday. The main race itself is going to start early this time because there is a wide time difference between Australia and the United States of America. The multi-time world champ Sebastian Vettel is going to be back after missing out on an initial couple of races due to the coronavirus. The Australian Grand Prix 2022 has some of the world's most experienced and young talents.


The venue is quite different from the last used in the previous Australian Grand Prix by drivers and teams. For all the editions of the event that have been held till now, the race circuit did not change much at all. But now, the Australian Grand Prix 2022 will have a refreshed look and the latest era of machinery in Formula 1. The latest vehicle construction gives several of the most technical modifications in the sport's history. This will enable closer racing and greater overtaking chances through a great new design in aerodynamics. Drivers will have to create new strategies for racing. They will have to face new vehicles and a completely redesigned Grand Prix circuit. Throughout the entire weekend of the Australian Grand Prix 2022, the expert team of broadcasters is going to give top-class commentary on all the action that is going to take place on the track and around the circuit.


Australian driver Oscar Pistari said, "The first memories of Albert Park are from before I attended the race. I could hear the cars from my house, which was a long way away. The first memories I have been watching them on TV and then running out to the backyard and hearing them. That's something I'm trying to deal with. Being at the first race weekend in Bahrain reignited that competitive spirit. I can't lie. It was a little disappointing to watch everyone racing while I was watching. It was difficult at times, and I'm trying to keep myself occupied and give myself things to focus on. Sim racing is a good one — it's not quite the same, but it's pretty nuts how close sim racing can get these days … so that's my main way of keeping my competitive side going. But I've got going for me because I have those championships on my CV, and they don't disappear. The saying is, 'You're only as good as your last race,' and I won my last race, so I'm trying to focus on that!"


Sebastian Vettel returns for the Australian Grand Prix 2022


Multiple-time world champ Sebastian Vettel will get back to the circuit for the Grand Prix next week. The news was announced by Aston Martin. The driver was deemed fit to race by the doctors. This was after he tested negative for the coronavirus test. The driver had to sit out of this season's initial couple of races after being infected with the coronavirus before the Bahrain Grand Prix. He was replaced by his fellow national, Nico Hulkenberg. So, Sebastian Vettel is yet to ply his trade in the new and modified era of Formula 1. Aston Martin did not have a great start in the absence of Sebastian Vettel. The positivity within the team during the launch event is gone now. In both the starting races, the team did not score any points and is right now at the bottom half of the points table along with Williams.


Sebastian Vettel will not have much to look forward to in the Australian Grand Prix 2022, apart from the upgrades made to the vehicle that will make it a little more competitive. The driver had last driven a formula one car in the pre-season test in Bahrain that happened nearly a month ago. Because of the coronavirus infection he had recently, Sebastian will not be in the best condition to endure the overall demands of driving a formula one car throughout the entire distance of the Australian Grand Prix 2022. Aston Martin said, "We are pleased to confirm that Sebastian Vettel is now fit to race and will line up alongside Lance Stroll in Melbourne to kick off his 2022 F1 season at the Australian Grand Prix."


Vettel said, "The car wants to be driven in a different way. I am playing with driving styles and what I can do. Equally, we are playing with the car. We are trying to sort out some problems, some of the challenges we've faced, and find solutions. There is still a lot to do. Everybody is flat-out, and there is still a very steep and high mountain to climb… but it's fun, I think the challenge is fun, and the belief is there that we will reach that peak one day."


It Will Not Be Easy for Vettel in the Australian Grand Prix 2022


Several drivers could not drive at their very best after suffering from the coronavirus infection. Also, controlling a racing vehicle after a long break means that the body is not as ready to go through the physical stress every time a race car is driven. Both Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen have struggled with neck pain after making a comeback to formula one racing on short notice. The vehicles being used for the races this year have greater levels of downforce and mechanical suspensions than the previous year. They are some of the hardest vehicles in Formula One to drive in the previous few years. This means that Sebastian Vettel will have a tough task to get himself fit for the race before the Australian Grand Prix 2022.


Charles Leclerc said about his fight with Verstappen in the previous race, "It was very tricky. I don't think there was much more I could do. I think we did everything right – the strategy, the pit stops. We are working very well as a team. The only thing we missed was a bit of a lower downforce level. It will be interesting. It won't require the same setup as the past, so adapting will be very important." Hamilton said, "It started getting a bit better. I started to gain on the guys ahead. It was a really good stint. I was feeling good at that point, but then it all hit the fan when the cars stopped. I got one point, at least. We both got points for the team. Not much has changed since the last race, but it has only been a few days. I couldn't keep up with the Haas at the end. We have a lot of work to do, but I have a great team."


Australian Grand Prix 2022 - Schedule

Friday, 8 April: 8 pm – 1.30 am CST – Formula One Practice

Saturday, 9 April: 6 pm – 1.30 am CST – Formula One Qualifying

Sunday, 10 April: 6 pm – 1.30 am CST – Formula One Race


Australian Grand Prix 2022: Driver Standings

Driver/ Car/ Points

Charles Leclerc / Ferrari / 45

Carlos Sainz / Ferrari / 33

Max Verstappen / Red Bull Racing / 25

George Russell / Mercedes / 22

Lewis Hamilton / Mercedes / 15

Esteban Ocon / Alpine / 14

Sergio Perez / Red Bull Racing / 12

Kevin Magnussen / Haas / 12

Valtteri Bottas / Alfa Romeo / 8

Lando Norris / McLaren / 6

Yuki Tsounda / Alpha Tauri / 4

Pierre Gasly / Alpha Tauri / 4

Fernando Alonso / Alpine / 2

Zhou Guanyu / Alfa Romeo / 1

Mick Schumacher / Haas / 0

Lance Stroll / Aston Martin / 0

Alexander Albon / Williams / 0

Daniel Ricciardo / McLaren / 0

Nicholas Latifi / Williams / 0

Nico Hulkenberg / Aston Martin / 0

Sebastian Vettel / Aston Martin / 0


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