Little League Baseball World Series 2021- Schedule, Teams, & More

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The Little League Baseball World Series is a professional baseball tournament for children that is played annually in the Eastern United States. It is typically for boys of age 10 to 12 years. Every year, thousands of children take part in the series representing their communities with the aim to make a lifelong career in baseball. 


The world series was founded back in 1947 and was known as the National Little League Tournament. Only United States teams competed during the initial days, but later, it gained popularity and became a worldwide tournament. This also resulted in the renaming of the series to Little League Baseball World Series. The series is one of the 12 tournaments that is sponsored by Little League International. Each of the tournaments brings together teams from different regions from all across the world.


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Having said that, we are on the verge of celebrating another year of the Little League Baseball World Series. In 2021, the series will be played from August 19 to August 29. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event will take place with extra caution and safety. The well-being of the participants and attendees will be strictly monitored. If you are eager to know more about the series, read on. This article will make you learn about the schedule, teams, and more. 


Little League Baseball World Series 2021 Overview


Date: August 19, 2021, to August 29, 2021

Location: Williamsport, Pa.

Official Sponsor: Easton

Most Recent Champion(s): Eastbank Little League (2019) 

Broadcast On: ESPN


Schedule Of 2021 Little League Baseball World Series

Here is the complete schedule of Little League Baseball World Series 2021. All the teams competing in the league are not announced yet. So, to stay updated, visit the official schedule page.


August 19, 2021 (Thursday)

1 P.M. (ET)

Game 1: Connecticut Vs. Hawaii 

(Type: Volunteer)

3 P.M. (ET)

Game 2: Tennessee Vs. Ohio

(Type: Lamade)

5 P.M. (ET)

Game 3: New Jersey Vs. Nebraska

(Type: Volunteer)

7 P.M. (ET)

Game 4: California Vs. New Hampshire

(Type: Lamade)

August 20, 2021 (Friday)

1 P.M. (ET)

Game 5: Pennsylvania Vs. Oregon

(Type: Volunteer)

3 P.M. (ET)

Game 6: Florida Vs. Michigan

(Type: Lamade)

5 P.M. (ET)

Game 7: South Dakota Vs. Louisiana

(Type: Volunteer)

7 P.M. (ET)

Game 8: Texas Vs. Washington

(Type: Lamade)


August 21, 2021 (Saturday)

1 P.M. (ET)

Game 9: TBA L2 Vs. TBA L4 

(Type: Volunteer)

3 P.M. (ET)

Game 10: TBA L1 Vs. TBA L3

(Type: Lamade)

6 P.M. (ET)

Game 11: TBA L6 Vs. TBA L8

(Type: Volunteer)

8 P.M. (ET)

Game 12: TBA L5 Vs. TBA L7

(Type: Lamade)


August 22, 2021 (Sunday)

9 A.M. (ET)

Game 13: TBA W2 Vs. TBA W4 

(Type: Volunteer)

11 A.M. (ET)

Game 14: TBA W1 Vs. TBA W3

(Type: Lamade)

1 P.M. (ET)

Game 15: TBA W6 Vs. TBA W8

(Type: Volunteer)

2 P.M. (ET)

Game 16: TBA W5 Vs. TBA W7

(Type: Lamade)

7:10 PM (ET)

MLB Little League Classic

Los Angeles Angels Vs. Cleveland Indians

(At Field: Muncy Bank Ballpark At Historic Bowman)


August 23, 2021 (Monday)

1 P.M. (ET)

Game 17: TBA L15 Vs. TBA W10 

(Type: Volunteer)

3 P.M. (ET)

Game 18: TBA L16 Vs. TBA W9

(Type: Lamade)

5 P.M. (ET)

Game 19: TBA W12 Vs. TBA L13

(Type: Volunteer)

7 P.M. (ET)

Game 20: TBA W11 Vs. TBA L14

(Type: Lamade)


August 24, 2021 (Tuesday)

11 A.M. (ET)

T-Mobile LL Home Run Derby

(At Volunteer Stadium)

3 P.M. (ET)

Game 21: TBA W18 Vs. TBA W19

(Type: Lamade)

7:30 P.M. (ET)

Game 22: TBA W17 Vs. TBA W20

(Type: Lamade)


August 25, 2021 (Wednesday)

3 P.M. (ET)

Game 23: TBA W13 Vs. TBA W16 

(Type: Lamade)

7:30 P.M. (ET)

Game 24: TBA W14 Vs. TBA W15

(Type: Lamade)


August 26, 2021 (Thursday)

3 P.M. (ET)

Game 25: TBA L24 Vs. TBA W22 

(Type: Lamade)

7 P.M. (ET)

Game 26: TBA L23 Vs. TBA W21

(Type: Lamade)


August 28, 2021 (Saturday)

12:30 P.M. (ET)

10M Seaver Final 

Game 27: TBA L24 Vs. TBA W22 

(Type: Lamade)

3:30 P.M. (ET)

Hank Aaron Final

Game 28: TBA L24 Vs. TBA W22 

(Type: Lamade)


August 29, 2021 (Sunday)

10 A.M. (ET)


Game 29: TBA L27 Vs. TBA L28 

(Type: Volunteer)

1 P.M. (ET)

T-Mobile LL Home Run Derby


3 P.M. (ET)


Game 30: TBA W27 Vs. TBA W28 

(Type: Lamade)


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2021 Little League Baseball World Series Teams

2021 Little League Baseball World Series features 16 teams divided into two categories each. One is the Hank Aaron Championship, and the other is the Tom Seaver Championship. At once, two teams from each championship will compete against each other. Here’s the list of all the teams that will play baseball in the league. 

Hank Aaron Championship Teams:



Region: West A

Honolulu Little League

Honolulu, Hi.


Region: Midwest A

Hastings Baseball Little League

Hastings, Neb.


Region: Great Lakes A

Taylor North Little League

Taylor, Mich.


Region: Northwest A

Eastlake Little League

Sammamish, Wash.


Record: New England B

Manchester Little League

Manchester, Conn.


Region: Mid-Atlantic B

Toms River East Little League

Toms River, N.J.


Region: Southeast B

Martin County North Little League

Palm City, Fla.


Region: Southwest B

Wylie Little League

Abilene, Texas



Tom Seaver Championship Teams:



Region: Southeast A

Nolensville Little League

Nolensville, Tenn.


Region: New England A

North Manchester-Hooksett Little League

Hooksett, N.H.


Region: Mid-Atlantic A

Upper Providence Little League

Oaks, Pa.


Region: Southwest A

Lafayette Little League

Lafayette, La.


Record: Great Lakes B

West Side Little League

Hamilton, Ohio


Region: Northwest B

Lake Oswego Little League

Lake Oswego, Ore.


Region: Midwest B

Sioux Falls Little League

Sioux Falls, S.D.


Region: West B

Torrance Little League

Torrance, Calif.



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2021 Little League Baseball World Series Tickets

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the admission for the general public has been canceled. The COVID-19 cases are rising throughout the United States, and because of that, they updated the public attendance policy and closed the doors for the general public. Instead, this year, they are distributing a total of 250 team passes to the family and friends so that they can come and watch the game from the stadium. 



The Little League Baseball World Series is one of the most iconic tournaments within the sport. Pin this article and keep it handy on all days of the event because the wait is finally over. Enjoy!


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