Brooks vs. Bryson Is Happening At Wynn Golf Club

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The Wynn Golf Club – Las Vegas, NV will be the venue for a made-for-television match between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau. For weeks, many sources have reported about the conversation between all the parties involved. However, only recently, it was officially confirmed that the match would happen on November 26, Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, at the Wynn Golf Club – Las Vegas, NV. Tom Fazio has designed the course. The biggest golf fight of the year is going for prime time.  DeChambeau will make one of his few appearances in Capital One's The Match after going against multiple-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers the previous year. A PGA Championship and US Open victor, Koepka, will debut after giving substantial money to pandemic relief efforts through his foundation during the previous year's event, The Match: Champions for Charity.


The feud will occur over more than 11 holes of match-play format and start at 4 PM EST. It will be telecasted on HLN, TruTV, TBS, and TNT. This format of play is being utilized because it will create the most impact. The announcement returns the feud to its roots. Three years ago, the first match took place when Tiger Woods lost against Phil Mickelson in a pricey match at Las Vegas' Shadow Creek. The latest event returns to the Wynn Golf Club – Las Vegas, NV. This is the initial match-series event that will not have Mickelson. But there are indications that Mickelson will be involved in some capacity or the other. Aaron Rodgers and DeChambeau got together to win against Tom Brady and Mickelson this year in the previous installment of the match.


DeChambeau and Koepka have been popularly feuding this year. But they put aside their differences at this year's Ryder Cup to assist the United States team in overcoming Europe. Now, both the champions will settle their feud on the fairways and greens of the Wynn Golf Club – Las Vegas, NV. Turner Sports will show the match, and more details will be disclosed in the days to come. During a press conference for the Ryder Cup, DeChambeau said something exciting was coming up between Koepka and him soon. He indicated this match at the Wynn Golf Club – Las Vegas, NV. DeChambeau and Koepka hugged it out after the Ryder Cup press conference to patch up with each other. But there will still be a few lingering feelings to put some fire in the match at the Wynn Golf Club – Las Vegas, NV.


Regarding the golf course, the designer Fazio said, "Not one piece. The entire land was re-graded. The Desert Inn was dead flat. It was built in the '50s. Back in that era and that time, you did not move … earth, you did not create elevation change, you just built it right on the ground. So, it was a very flat desert golf course. Suppose you were to put a hat on and pull it really close down over your eyebrows and look at each individual golf hole and only look from the tee to the fairway to the green and block out the view of the skyline. In that case, you would say, wow, this golf course looks like it is in Middle America. It does not look like a desert course. It does not feel like it is in Las Vegas. The thinking behind that was to create some drama, uniqueness, interest, and it was part of the experience of the grandeur that the Wynn is about. The entire place has a great feel to it that is extremely dramatic.”


“When the event is played there and shown visually on TV, it is very striking. People who have never been there before will be captivated by this unique landform that is artificial. But then again, most of Las Vegas is. The yardage may appear short when you look at the scorecard, but it will not play quite that short because the short holes are short and the long holes are long. It is an interesting concept because that is what fits the property. While the first 14 holes are somewhat reminiscent of North Carolina – albeit with overlooking hotel towers visible throughout — the final four make it abundantly clear you are in Vegas. It is a perfect match-play golf course because each golf hole offers the risk and difficulty factors and the ability for, especially players of this caliber, … to take many chances. It is all about golf. Now, granted, there are trees, and there are framings, but you could knock a golf ball a fairway away and still recover and have a heroic shot."


How the Wynn Golf Club – Las Vegas, NV survived


Wynn Golf Club – Las Vegas, NV has escaped the chopping block. The premium course, which had fees of more than $450, reopened following its closure. The closure had led to Wynn Resorts losing more than $9 million of the domestic casino business and more than 15,000 rounds. The Wynn Golf Club – Las Vegas, NV is an outlier in the world of golf. It serves a wealthy customer base with one of the costliest greens fees in the sport. And now the Wynn Golf Club – Las Vegas, NV is an outlier again. It was part of a group that has avoided being razed after the pricey land on which it is situated was chosen for development. The golf course was shut down nearly four years ago. The more than one hundred acres of greens and fairways were going to be replaced by a lagoon surrounded by extensive nightlife and dining options, a small casino, a hotel tower, and a convention center. The project, worth billions of dollars, was called Wynn Paradise Park. It had a white sand beach with activities such as parasailing, paddle boarding, and water skiing.


The plans to construct the convention center are going ahead as usual. But the firm struggled with the following phase of the project. The Wynn Resorts, earlier in the year, obtained nearly forty acres of land directly on the Strip. According to the firm, it is a more excellent site than the golf course's off-strip situation. The firm also decided to get back the Wynn Golf Club. Wynn Resorts contacted Tom Fazio, the course designer, to take a peek at the holes that were disturbed by the creation of the convention center. The firm said that the plan was to get a new, full-length golf course joined with the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Resort and have that in action before the convention center opens in one-and-a-half years. It is a rare pause of execution in the industry of golf. Here, the increasing value of real estate, both residential and commercial, has increased the demand for golf courses. After a huge building boom that lasted for nearly 30 years and increased the richest golf markets in the world by nearly fifty percent, the US supply has slowed down by more than five percent in the years since.


CEO Matt Maddox said, "We were not interested in building a large public swimming pool for the Las Vegas Strip. Now that we have the 38 acres of land on the Strip to develop the next great thing for Las Vegas, we can put our golf course back in as an amenity. The design of that is complete, the work has commenced, and the golf course will be restored and back in action by this time next year. Not only did we notice we lost 16,000 rounds of golf out there, 70 percent of which were cash, but we probably lost $10 million to $15 million worth of domestic casino business – people coming in for golf trips who decided to go elsewhere. It is a great amenity for the resort."



The Wynn Golf Club – Las Vegas, NV is a rarity. It is a golf course that will reopen after being slotted for better and higher usage. In other words, Brooks and Bryson can blast away. The errant drives can be discovered in other fairways.


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