The Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 2022 - Exclusive Preview

Author: Jomathews


There is no denying that Monaco is the most prestigious and competitive event on the F1 calendar. And it can often turn the odds upside down. The Monaco Grand Prix 2022 is happening on May 29. Likewise, it is a massive test of a driver's skill, unlike other tracks on the F1 calendar. Even though cars have evolved a lot in the last few years, drivers can still influence the outcome on the track by steering the car into the lead, even if their car is slower than the front runners.  


Monaco will confront its drivers with a number of unique challenges this weekend, and they must overcome these challenges in order to finish successfully and achieve good results. Every circuit has its own unique characteristics, where teams and drivers work hard to uncover them. Unfortunately, this is difficult in the Monaco Grand Prix. To have a successful race in Monaco, teams must strike the right balance between their cars so their drivers feel confident in accelerating as much as possible to complete their laps.


The street track constantly feels different as soon as the tires touch the ground, so teams and drivers have to make sure that they don't get caught out by this and avoid any drastic changes to the car's setup. Weekend races in Monaco generate such a strong sense of adrenaline. The images are familiar to all of us: the mooring craft drifting gently on the water in the marina, the sunlight shimmering in the sky, and the engine noise echoing throughout the tunnel. Many drivers choose to race here; it's a race to see and be seen, a race that many VIPs are drawn to.


Team members and racers find driving in Monaco to be an interesting experience: both from a racing and a performance perspective, as the rough surfaces punish errors of any size, while the timer rewards the best drivers. Nevertheless, the facility is also challenging in a logistical sense, with several levels of garages, a divided yard, and replacement parts and trucks kept in various spots. Despite being challenging, this weekend is worth experiencing at least once. Having a successful race at Monaco in light of the challenges of this weekend has a special shine: the teams are determined to prove their capabilities and bring home a special result in this most unique of races. 


Qualifying is crucial since there is no overtaking to be done


There are few opportunities to overtake at Monaco; the only possibility is coming out of the tunnel into the tight chicane, but, in truth, the space is scarce. In the event that you do not commit 100%, a DNF is what a driver would most likely get. The only way to be good at something is to go for it. Drivers can't be indecisive. Qualifying laps are therefore critical.  On average, the race has always been won from the front two rows of the grid and almost exclusively from the front row. Historically, the winner of this race has been the pole-sitter three out of the last four years. Some drivers may decide to fuel a little lighter in order to increase their chances.


Three teams will likely run cars that are competitive enough to win this weekend, so there is expected to be a fierce battle as all six drivers vie for pole position. It will be a rough afternoon for those finishing fifth or sixth. The drivers you want to be competing against in the front will likely lose a lot of time if they are not right at the front of the grid. Furthermore, crashing on the qualifying lap after pushing too hard will set you back even more. Drivers could be there for most of the day. Drivers are not going to make much progress if they are at the back of the grid.


A changeable weather pattern this weekend in Monaco


The weather forecast predicts rain during the duration of the Monaco Grand Prix.  Due to the surface's lack of traction in the moist, Monaco's race tracks are highly slick during dry weather. A slippery surface will be even more prone to sliding in the rain if there are white lines and bumps added to the ground. Even the big stars were sent into the barriers during a wet race in 1996. Adrian Sutil led the timesheets after a wet practice session last season, illustrating how difficult the scenario will be in Monaco even under wet conditions.

Drivers are required to take the possibility of crashes into account when determining how much fuel to start with because the safety car is a common sight in Monaco. When the safety car comes out, drivers who are low on fuel will be at a disadvantage. The more fuel a driver has, the more he benefits as the pack gathers, so there is a tough line to draw here.


Changing F1 Cars


Since the beginning of F1, race cars have gotten bigger, wider, and heavier. Also, in Monaco, the driver takes full advantage of his car's agility to push the limit and increase lap times by dancing all over the place on the tight streets. It requires a car with good grip and downforce in low-speed situations. Although the modern-day cars may be the best ones in motorsport history, they would lack the speed to be the fastest on a circuit such as Monaco as the cars gain speed in the fast corners due to the ground effect. 


A driver with the track position can more or less hold it due to the dimensions of these incredible cars, which renders it virtually impractical for them to gain positions. It was first brought into question earlier in the season whether the Monaco Grand Prix would make the F1 calendar. If the race proves to be a flop, those questions could worsen in the future.


The Favorites


The oddsmakers have tipped Leclerc to win the Grand Prix despite his atrocious record at the Monaco Circuit. Fans are probably not comfortable betting on Leclerc to win the race. Do fans think the Ferrari will be fast in Monaco? Probably. Is Leclerc capable of winning the race? He is. Is Leclerc actually going to complete the Monaco race? It is not uncommon for track positions to determine the winner of the Monaco Grand Prix. Red Bull Racing currently boasts the fastest car this year. A strong performance for Red Bull is expected in Monaco as well. It will be the reliability factor determining Red Bull's success in Monte Carlo.


Max Verstappen has demonstrated exceptional driving skills over the past two and a half seasons. As long as Red Bull continues to run reliably, Verstappen will qualify first and win the Monaco Circuit. Mercedes should have another strong performance on Sunday if they have finally solved the W-13's problems. Following its debut at the Spanish Grand Prix, Aston Martin's "Green Red Bull" should become more competitive.


Any Surprises?


What is the chance that someone from the middle gets a surprise result and out qualifies the frontrunner? What is the possibility of a podium finish? There is a good chance that these three drivers will qualify faster than a frontrunner and score points. During the 2022 season, Valterri Bottas has been outstanding in the Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romero's performance in slow-speed corners, cited by Bottas, gives the car a shot at the Monaco Grand Prix. A surprise podium could be on the cards for Bottas if Alfa Romeo can avoid reliability issues.

There is no better driver than Fernando Alonso. When he's on the grid, Formula 1 is more exciting. It has been evident so far in 2022 that both Alonso and Alpine teammate Esteban Ocon are capable of good performance in a single lap. Alonso and Ocon should qualify for the final round. It is possible to observe Alonso on the lineup between the Ferrari and Red Bull cars.

The results of Lando Norris should be promising. Norris could surprise you by qualifying and performing better than anticipated. Norris may earn more points than you expect if you are a fan of fantasy Formula 1.



Racing continues with the seventh race on the Formula 1 calendar, arguably the world's most famous race: The Monaco Circuit. It's the third race in the calendar to complete the Triple Crown of auto racing, which is the 24-hour race at LeMans and the Indy 500. Often touted as Formula One's crown jewel, the season-ending race is regarded as one of the most prestigious events. For those new to Formula 1, Monte Carlo will look quite recognizable. 

The Monaco Circuit has recently been scrutinized for its "conventional" nature, where qualifying results determine the order of the race. The Monaco circuit is extremely tight and even more difficult to overtake due to the enormous cars used in modern Formula 1. Will the race be won early in qualifying, or will there be surprises at the Monaco Circuit?


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