UEFA Champions League Final 2022 - What Can Fans Expect?

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This year's UEFA Champions League final will be the third time Liverpool and Real Madrid have met in European football's biggest event. Four decades ago, the English club won the European Cup final in Paris by a 1-0 score as a result of a goal by Alan Kennedy. On the other hand, during last year's Champions League finals in Kyiv, the Spaniards won 3-1 after Gareth Bale's goal. It is a record 13 times that Real Madrid has won the UEFA Champions League trophy, whereas Liverpool has claimed it six times. A new trophy will be added to their glittering collection on Saturday night in Paris. 

Taking place at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis in Paris, this year’s Champions League final will see Liverpool take on Real Madrid. French official Clement Turpin will referee the game. The match will begin at 8 pm (BST). Additionally, the stadium has a history of hosting the finals of the Champions League twice before.


What is at stake for the teams?


Your UCL final is just around the corner. Even though Liverpool narrowly missed winning an incredible fourth Premier League title on Sunday, they have enjoyed a remarkable season. Apart from being perennial rivals with Manchester City in the Premier League, they have consistently scored top grades on every assignment. In terms of European football, Liverpool has a long and distinguished history. Until the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985, when the club was banned from Europe for six seasons, they competed at the continental level for 21 consecutive seasons.

As one of the great games ever played in the history of the Champions League, 2005 final will forever be remembered. The Reds won their fifth European Cup against all odds, making it a memorable moment for everyone at Anfield. In the second half, the Reds scored three goals in six minutes to come from behind in the game. Even though Real Madrid are already Spanish champions, they have managed to make an impressive comeback in Europe. They have traveled a long way to reach this point, but the final chapters remain unwritten.

Real Madrid is well established in Spain as the dominant club with most league titles. There is no question that Real Madrid has won more European Cups or UEFA Champions League titles than anyone else, but what few people realize is how unusual it is for them to win both at the same time. Carlo Ancelotti has talked about how surprised he was to receive a call saying, "Come home," in a season where they began... a season in which it wasn't an emergency appointment. 

The Reds have been fatigued in recent weeks, but they were able to come away with ten points regardless of allowing the first goal in four of their final four Premier League games. Manchester City edged Liverpool to the championship, so the club is now looking to add a third trophy to their illustrious campaign of 2021-22. According to Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp, the Anfield squad has never been stronger than this year during his time there. Luis Diaz burst onto the scene in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals and played an incredible cameo. He can repeat that performance in Paris, whether he starts or sits on the bench.

It is that time of the year once again. How does Madrid keep winning this competition? Granted, they have changed their arm this season a few times, but their commitment, tenacity, and perseverance have made sure they are worthy of the famed slogan 'El Madrid Nunca se rinde' (Madrid never gives up). Karim Benzema has led the way with an outstanding campaign, while Rodrygo displays the characteristics of someone who can make a difference in big games. Madrid has a fantastic chance to become the first team to win 14 European Cups with a fatigued Liverpool side and coach Carlo Ancelotti's brilliant record.


What do the coaches say?


As far as their leadership styles, Carlo Ancelotti and Jurgen Klopp essentially have contrasting traits. Both of them have a special technique that can be used to win the most prestigious tournaments of the game. The former is an energetic leader whose team's high-energy style is based on his own style of beating, waving, and emotionally fueled leadership. The latter is unflappable -- so unflappable that he provides a sense of calm, whose done-it-all attitude radiates calm around him.

It won't come as a surprise to anyone who knows both Jurgen and Carlo are humane and people-oriented. Thus, they will once again meet in the Champions League final, Carlo's fifth in nine years, while Jurgen will face his fourth in nine years. Here’s what both the coaches had to say before the most awaited clash of the year.

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool coach, said: "Outstanding, massive – it feels like the first one because it's always so special."

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach, added: "Something strange has happened. Since the start of the season, we have played very strong teams who believed they'd win the UEFA Champions League – Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea, Man. City. Credit goes to the players and our fanbase, who push and push and push. The shirt carries weight – the pride of the club. For me, a final with Liverpool is like a derby because I continue to be an Evertonian."


Does Madrid have the edge?


It's not a skill that Chelsea, Manchester City, and PSG have - that's where Real Madrid has excelled at key moments when they play through the chaos. Nevertheless, Ancelotti's team is up against the messiahs of chaos here. When Liverpool uses their aggressive press as a means to control matches, they want the game to be fast-paced and lengthy. The fact that Klopp has assembled such an extraordinary squad of players who all share the same vision of what the club should be is a testament to his success. In a high-scoring match, it wouldn't surprise us if Liverpool came from behind to win the tie against Real Madrid.


The Match Referee


Those calculations were based on several factors, namely the nature of Clément Turpin's refereeing, the competitive nature of both teams, the number of cards both teams have averaged this season, and the fact that this is a UEFA Champions League final. In our opinion, the low card count is of most importance in matches, which is why we are surprised at the line for cards.

Clement is a very experienced referee with a preference for interacting with players and giving them opportunities to stay out of trouble. He averaged 2.3 cards per 90 minutes in this season's big games. His refereeing was sensible if a little lenient in all of those games, but he maintained total control at all times. UEFA and the FA seem to have a policy of clamping down on unjustly issued cards to players, especially during high-profile matches. That seems to be improving the flow of games.

With just two cards shown in the recent Europa League final between Rangers and Frankfurt, the game produced 2.25 cards per 90 minutes, the same as what has been in place in elite tournaments for some time (Europa, Conference, FA Cup, and Carabao).




Real Madrid and Liverpool fought through adversity in their semi-finals to set up a star-studded showdown between two sides who have won the title 19 times between them. Historically, the Spanish team has won 13 titles, making them the most successful team in the competition's history. On the pitch, both teams are dominant, but their financial power is mirrored off the field, too, as both teams earn hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from lucrative commercials and television deals - plus the many shirts and other merchandise items sold around the world.

In their quest for revenge over Los Blancos for the 3-1 loss in the 2019 UEFA Champions League final, the Reds would be looking to create something special. Liverpool would need to be careful of Real Madrid because the Spanish side beat them once again with a similar scoreline during the 2020-21 CL quarterfinals. Liverpool takes on Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final in Paris, France, on May 28, 2022. Read more on our exclusive preview of the match. 


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