The Reasons You Should Never Believe Any Soccer Rumors

Author: Jomathews


In the modern world, it seems like everyone has a social media account these days. With this comes a huge number of soccer-related social accounts and blogs that offer fans insight into their favorite players and clubs. However, it is important to know that not all social media channels are created equal. Research shows that Twitter is the most effective social media site for sports fans, with Facebook a close second. Given the fact that Twitter is used primarily for communication and Facebook is a mix of communication and passive consumption, it is easy to see how each of these social media sites works best for different types of sports fans. And with this also comes a whole host of funny soccer rumors that sometimes seem to be more ridiculous than believable. As much as we all love our favorite clubs, we also love to hate them too – just think of the endless jokes about Jose Mourinho’s hair, Liverpool’s kit launch, or Pep Guardiola’s press conferences. soccer is the ultimate soap opera, so it makes sense that there are so many bizarre rumors circulating various Premier League teams at any given time. However, while there’s plenty of humor in most of these funny soccer rumors, there are also a lot of mistruths mixed in with some truth as well.


The crazy world of funny soccer rumors


We’ve seen it all before – shocking rumors that go viral, only for them to be discredited and debunked by reputable sources as absolute rubbish. Some people might be tempted to believe these false stories, but it’s important to take a critical look at these “facts” and check their accuracy. You might end up embarrassing yourself in front of your friends and family if you share a fake story. What’s worse is that you might be propagating misinformation if these rumors are false. Stay vigilant and fact-check everything that you read. Click “publish” on social media at your own risk. We’ve seen the most outlandish and strange rumors being reported as fact by various media outlets, only for them to be refuted by the clubs themselves, who are swift and decisive in their response. It’s a crazy world out there right now with plenty of funny soccer rumors floating around, and the best thing to do is to treat them as the sheer nonsense they are. Rumors and gossip have always been a part of soccer, but thanks to social media, they’ve become even more prevalent in recent years. Clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United have massive online followings that generate millions of clicks per month. These followings are made up of fans from all over the world, which means that these clubs are more accessible than ever before.


Why you should never trust any soccer rumors


They’re just not credible enough. In this day and age, anyone can start a blog or a Twitter account and gossip and talk about any club or player they want. It’s not even necessary to be a soccer fan to start a soccer blog. Bloggers can often just start writing about soccer as if they’re an expert when they may, in reality, know very little about the game. Such blogs are often based on nothing more than pure speculation and guesswork, meaning that you should never really trust them as a source of information. Rumors can be great for banter. There’s nothing better than having a bit of banter with your friends and fellow soccer fans. And what’s better than banter than having a few crazy soccer rumors to throw into the mix? Choose your outrageous rumors wisely, though – you don’t want to pick one that’s too crazy as it’ll soon end up backfiring on you. 

We’ve seen plenty of rumors in recent years that have been used as PR tools to try and sway public opinion in favor of a club or player. The best example of this came in the summer of 2017 when Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo was linked with a move to Manchester United in the press. This didn’t come as much of a surprise as the two parties have been linked with one another in the past, but the sheer volume of the rumors this time around led many to believe that the two clubs had done this PR stunt to make Manchester United look better in the eyes of the general public. The rumors weren’t completely false either, as there was a lot of substance to them. It’s such a simple trick to use rumors to make yourself look better, and it works almost every time. 

Rumors can cause unrest and confusion among fans and players. This goes without saying, but some soccer rumors are so outlandish that they cause confusion and unrest among fans and players alike. In some cases, players may become unsettled at their club because of certain rumors doing the rounds about them, meaning that they could even consider leaving their current club as a result. Take Virgil van Dijk for example. He became unsettled at Southampton because of certain rumors about him, which led him to eventually leave the club for Liverpool. It’s not hard to imagine such rumors causing unrest and confusion among fans, too, as they’re likely to be just as confused as the players themselves. Some rumors are used to manipulate transfer markets; some Premier League clubs are notorious for tapping into the transfer market. These clubs have so much money that they can’t even spend it all in one transfer window, meaning that they have to shop and sell players in several transfer windows. Some of these Premier League clubs use transfer rumors and gossip to try and drive down the price of the players they want to buy while also driving up the price of the players they’re selling. It’s a trick that’s often used, but it’s one that rarely works.




Soccer fans are by nature gullible and greedy for any information about their favorite clubs, which is why soccer rumors are often so successful. While most of these rumors are false and are created with the intent of deceiving fans, they are often believed as fact because of the way they are presented. Rumors about transfers, new signings, and player departures are popular topics for these false reports, as fans are eager to hear about their club’s future. Many false rumors about transfers or new signings have some form of truth to them, but the details are often false or exaggerated.

Common false details include transfer fees that are too high, players with inflated reputations, or reasons for a transfer that paint the club in a negative light. Unfortunately, it is very hard to verify the authenticity of many rumors, and so fans often buy into them, only for them to be proven false later down the line. It is very hard to distinguish between what is true and what is false, and it is sometimes best to ignore the hype and gossip and just enjoy the game for what it is. If you love soccer, then you’ll love the banter and excitement that these crazy soccer rumors bring to the game. Just remember that you should never believe any soccer rumors until they’ve been verified by an official source.


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