NFL Schedules Week 3 - An In-Depth Look Into Upcoming Fixtures

Author: Megha Agarwal on Sep 17,2021

The NFL schedules week 3 will give you the entire week 3 details of all the games of the 2021 NFL season. Read our review to find your favorite matches.


The 2021 NFL season has commenced. All the teams will play more matches this season than ever before. This season has already got off to a great start with the opening match between the defending champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers and hosts Dallas Cowboys. According to the NFL schedules week 3, the matches are set to get even more exciting. Let us look at the NFL schedules week 3 to find out all the top games this week.


2021 NFL Schedules Week 3




Time (ET)



Week 3

Thursday, September 23, 8:20 pm

Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans



Sunday, September 26, 1:00 pm

Washington Football Team vs. Buffalo Bills

Chicago Bears vs. Cleveland Browns

Arizona Cardinals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots

Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Giants



Sunday, September 26, 1:00 pm

Baltimore Ravens vs. Detroit Lions

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans



Sunday, September 26, 4:25 pm

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams

Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings



Sunday, September 26, 4:05 pm

New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos

Miami Dolphins vs. Las Vegas Raiders



Sunday, September 26, 8:20 pm

Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers



Monday, September 27, 8:15 pm

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys



NFL Schedules Week 3 Match Details


1. Washington Football Team vs. Buffalo Bills


Given a chance, the Buffalo Bills would want to get ready to face the Dolphins, their week two opponents, again. They will want to get the bad feeling of the loss to the Steelers out of their minds as soon as they can. The Buffalo Bills cannot take the Dolphins for granted in any way. But this does not mean that we cannot look ahead after that game. After the game with the Dolphins in week 2, The Buffalo Bills return to their home stadium to have a go against the Washington Football Team. This match was to be the comeback of star player Ryan Fitzpatrick. But sadly, this is not how it is going to turn out. The quarterback had a hip injury in Washington's season-opening loss to the Chargers.


The player was hit when there was a pass rush from Uchenna Nwosu. Ryan left the match in the second quarter. Since then, he has been shifted to the injured reserve list. A subsequent MRI scan has shown that the player is set to miss many weeks of the NFL. So, the team has placed him on their injured reserve list. Any player who finds their name on the list must remain in it for at least three weeks. A simple calculation shows that there will be no Ryan in this match. This will surely come off as disappointing for the Buffalo Bills fans. But the fans would have enjoyed watching him play in front of their eyes against their home team. In substitute, the fans can look forward to seeing Taylor Heinicke.


2. Arizona Cardinals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars


The Arizona Cardinals were going to play a match in Mexico City last year. But that did not happen because of the pandemic and the related lockdowns in the area during that period. The same situation prevails this year too. The Jacksonville Jaguars were also going to play a home game in London. This would have made it possible for the Arizona Cardinals to go to the UK for the first time in four years. But, that did not happen also. So, the teams have not played any international matches in the past two years. The Jacksonville Jaguars will play host to the Arizona Cardinals. The game in London will be the Jaguar's home game against the Miami Dolphins. This news will not disappoint many fans. It may come as a relief for most of them. This is because the result of their game with the Los Angeles Rams a few years ago was not in their favor. The Cardinals had suffered a heavy loss in the game. Quarterback Carson Palmer had broken his arm, and it would prove to be the last match of his career in the NFL. He announced his retirement after the season ended.


3. New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots


The New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots are longtime rivals. They have even practiced against each other in the preseasons over the years. Several things come to mind for both teams. There is always something or the other that catches the eye. The defense of the New Orleans Saints has abused the pass protection of the New England Patriots in the previous years. In one-on-one plays, it feels like the rushers of the New Orleans Saints were regularly getting past the pass blockers of the New England Patriots. There have been times when the coaches of the New England Patriots have yelled at their players and told them to stop holding. The aerial attack of the New England Patriots is very important for their success on the offense.


The New England Patriots have got a second lineup of players that includes young and fast players raring to go in the NFL. They will have the opportunity to do that with the high-powered Saints offense. The corners of the New England Patriots have done good work covering the receivers of the New Orleans Saints. It will have to be seen whether that translates to the match coming up. This is the question that experts have been asking throughout the offseason. But with the match getting closer, fans will get all the answers they want very soon. Will some of the New England players repeat their double-digit sack performance in this match? Which players are the New Orleans Saints looking to include in their opening lineup? Do they want to add someone? If none of the players give a performance that leaves everyone thrilled, it may be time to search for replacements.


The senior players of the Patriots have been building some rapport with the juniors. It is hoped that they will be relaxed enough to play under the pressure that comes with the NFL and successfully hold on to the passes given to them. The New England Patriots have seen an influx of youngsters in the lineup. Naturally, they are bound to make some mistakes. But the team can depend on them to lead them into the future of the NFL. The game may prove to be a measuring stick with which to analyze such games in the future. The previous games have given us an inkling of what is in store in the coming weeks. We cannot forget that the New Orleans Saints were the Super Bowl champions a few years ago. The match is sure to give the added impetus to this exciting season of the National Football League.


4. NFL Schedules Week 3 has some great games


The NFL schedule for week 3 is going to have several big games coming up. The first two weeks of the season will already have settled down the anxiousness and uncertainties of the season. The fans are also back in the stadiums. But the NFL schedules week 3 matches can be enjoyed on your TV screens also. You are sure to enjoy the 2021 NFL season.



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