NFL Draft Grades 2021 For Tennessee Titans and Washington Football Team

Author: Megha Agarwal on Oct 28,2021

The NFL draft grades 2021 will give you all the information of the National Football League season drafts that occurred that night. Read our NFL Draft Grades 2021 to get to know more about the top NFL teams.


The 2021 NFL season is the eighth week now. It has had some great matches. One of the top reasons for the matches is the NFL draft grades 2021. We have already seen the NFL draft grades 2021 for most of the teams. Now, we will find out the NFL draft grades 2021 of the Tennessee Titans and the Washington Football Team.


NFL Draft Grades 2021


Tennessee Titans


NFL Draft Grade 2021: B+

Day 1 grade: B+

Day 2 grade: A

Day 3 grade: B


Draft picks


Virginia Tech CB Caleb Farley (No. 22 overall)

North Dakota State OT Dillon Radunz (No. 53)

Georgia LB Monty Rice (No. 92)

Washington CB Elijah Molden (No. 100)

Louisville WR Dez Fitzpatrick (No. 109)

Pitt DE Rashad Weaver (No. 135)

LSU WR Racey McMath (No. 205)

Oregon S Brady Breeze (No. 215)


If Farley had a good medical report, he would have been among the first picked. He had a torn ACL four years ago. Then, he had a back operation a couple of years ago and had another surgery earlier this year. This makes him a very risky bet. But if he stays fit, this is a big steal. He has a tall and heavy frame with huge arms and is great as an NFL corner. Farley can make a 40-yard dash in under four-and-a-half seconds and has a production to back those traits. He had very high coverage in his final college season a couple of years ago. The team's last attempt at an offensive tackle did not go well. Last year's first-round pick Isaiah Wilson played only a couple of snaps on offense. This was before he was transferred from the team. Dillon Radunz is a little underweight and undersized, but he has great tools and the movement skills to be an elite pass-blocker. But it can take a lot of time to get there.


Monty Rice has been in the game trying to get the football between the hedges for a long time now. But he lost his starting spot to Nakobe Dean in the previous year. He has to figure out what is happening in the attack at a much greater level in the NFL. But he has the athleticism that is required at the professional level. He is a great tackler. But there is a need to read the game much better. Molden can come into the team and be a great slot cornerback. This is more so on a squad that is seeking to rebuild the defensive backfield. He was a borderline first-round talent and stayed in the bottom of the third. We have no hesitancy in saying that this was a great choice. Caleb Farley and Molden could change the outlook of the season for the team. Molden is a great tackler and a playmaker. He gives so much value that the choice has been incredible.


The team got tremendous value here by choosing Rashad Weaver. He was ranked in the sixties and was the PFF's EDGE10. He has the technical refinement, ideal length and size, and power. But he is not going to be great from an athletic viewpoint. But he has a very high floor and should make an impact right away. After recovering from a torn ACL, the player got a very high pass-rush grade in the previous year. Let us see if it works in the coming weeks of the NFL.


Washington Football Team


NFL Draft Grade 2021: B+

Day 1 grade: B+

Day 2 grade: A

Day 3 grade: B+


Draft picks


Kentucky LB Jamin Davis (No. 19 overall)

Texas OT Samuel Cosmi (No. 51)

Minnesota CB Benjamin St-Juste (No. 74)

North Carolina WR Dyami Brown (No. 82)

Boise State TE John Bates (No. 124)

Cincinnati S Darrick Forrest (No. 163)

Michigan LS Camaron Cheeseman (No. 225)

Baylor DE William Bradley-King (No. 240)

Penn State DE Shaka Toney (No. 246)

BYU WR Dax Milne (No. 258)


The team has a requirement at linebacker. But Jamin Davis comes with great projection. He ranks in the forties on PFF's final Big Board but was great in the first season as a starter. On top of this, his workout numbers were incredible, and he showed natural talent in coverage. This has become the single most important trait in the league today. Linebacker is not an easy position to play at this level, and Davis has the required tools to get the job done. Cosmi is also one of the most athletic offensive tackles. The size, along with the athleticism, is always going to make teams interested. Cosmi also earned high pass-blocking grades in consecutive seasons as a starter in Texas. There are several things he will have to refine in his technique in the league. However, there is a lot to enjoy in his profile coming out of university. He will compete with many in-house choices for the starting left tackle job in the team.


St-Juste has a rare mix of chance-of-direction ability and length at cornerback. The cornerback was earlier with Minnesota. He is tall and has a big wingspan. His short shuttle and three-cone times are ranked in the top ten percent at the cornerback position. You will not get many huge cornerbacks who can move like that. The player is not that experienced despite crossing 22 years of age. Brown is in the eighties overall and is ranked 45th on the PFF Big Board. The player was not asked to play a lot at his previous team in North Carolina. He was in the left wide receiver role in nearly every snap. But he is a very good route runner, and you can see that he can run at the next level on more advanced route trees. He fits well with the receiving corps of the team.


Darrick Forrest's athletic profile is very good. He is explosive and fast. His high broad and vertical jump can attest to that. He was a great performer at UC with consistent PFF grades in his three years playing a primary role. He will compete in this season of the NFL.


Why are the Draft Grades Important?


We have heard the argument that grading draft picks after they have been made has no value. But we disagree. No one can look into the future. These 2021 NFL draft grades help to partly reflect on how a player's career is likely to progress in the team. The 2021 NFL draft grades examine the process each squad took to choose the players they selected. The grade also indicates whether we think a candidate's choice is of good value given in athleticism and college film. The reason these grades matter is because they provide a real-time examination of the whole process. Suppose a candidate is considered a good choice on the draft day but does not work out in the future. In that case, that is a very different examination of the new squad's decision than choosing a player who was considered out of the team's league when he was chosen.


Waiting a few years to grade these choices leads to revisionist history. It is not a precise examination of a decision based on which facts were known when the prospect was chosen. Also, trades and selections in the early round carry more weightage in the overall grade than those made in the later rounds.


NFL Draft Grades 2021 Has Been Wonderful


The NFL draft grades 2021 have great choices by the squads. The NFL draft grades 2021 will assist the Tennessee Titans and the Washington Football Team to be at their best during the season. The NFL draft grades 2021 are helping the teams a lot this season.



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