The F1 Race Canadian Grand Prix 2022 - The Key Details

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After the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the Formula One scene has moved directly to Montreal to race at the Canadian Grand Prix. Due to the eight-hour difference in time with Baku, drivers, teams, and fans will have to make a switch. Therefore, you should pay attention to what time you should be online for the sessions this weekend.


When and where is the race expected to take place?


First and foremost, you must know when and where the F1 race Canadian Grand Prix 2022 will take place. It is scheduled to take place between June 17 and June 19, with the actual race taking place on June 19. A breakdown of the day's events will take place as follows:

  • The first practice will be held on June 17
  • Practice 2 - June 17
  • Practice 3 is scheduled for June 18
  • Qualifying - June 18
  • Race - June 19

Montreal's Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve will host the race, which will see racers compete in over 70 laps. There are a few long straights on the track that could potentially be used for overtaking if drivers are within close proximity to each other.


Montreal is back


The Canadian Grand Prix 2022 will return to the F1 calendar in 2022 after an absence of two years. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the 2020 Formula 1 race at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve was canceled, and the 2021 race in Montreal was also canceled. For a long time, there were severe travel restrictions in Canada, but from 2022 onwards, the circuit will again be accessible to F1.

Since Canada's last race, much has changed. A five-second penalty given to Sebastian Vettel for cutting a corner when defending against Lewis Hamilton gave the latter the win at the circuit a few years ago. There appears to be no competition between those two drivers in 2022. It is unlikely that Hamilton's Mercedes will be competitive in 2022, and Vettel has a slim chance of winning with Aston Martin.

In 1978, the Canadian Grand Prix was first held at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, one of the most dangerous tracks in Formula 1. Expo 67 World Fair built the track in 1967; however, it had been converted into a racetrack by 1977. Several of racing history's most legendary drivers crashed during the 1999 Canadian Grand Prix: Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill, and Canada's most revered F1 driver, Jacques Villeneuve, all suffered catastrophic injuries from the unforgiving wall at the final chicane, now known as the wall of champions.

Street-style circuits are known for their unique layouts that include a hairpin, sharp turns, straightaways, and a curve. F1 fans can view the race from the three grandstands overlooking the hairpin – giving an up-close look at the hairpin overtakes – throughout its 70 laps across the circuit.

Speaking of fans, those who travel to Montreal over race weekend and those who live in the Great White North are particularly loud and enthusiastic. The Montreal circuit is undoubtedly the best track of all the continent's race tracks for Formula 1 fans from North and Central America.


Favorites to win the F1 race Canadian Grand Prix 2022


Max Verstappen 

The F1 Drivers' standings have been totally turned upside down by Max Verstappen of Red Bull. In the seven races since Max's DNF in Bahrain, he has won five, which firmly establishes his position as the World Champion of last year. In doing so, he quickly flipped what was an early-season gap separating him from Leclerc and wouldn't let up. He's now 34 points clear of the Ferrari driver while leading his teammate Sergio Perez by 21 points. Though he hasn't dominated qualifying like Leclerc, his consistent race pace and solid consistency have enabled him to maintain the top spot.


Sergio Perez

Taking over the No. 2 spot on the pre-qualifying board is someone other than Max Verstappen or Charles Leclerc for the first time this season. The top spot this week goes to Sergio Perez, who is continuing to impress with a career-best performance. His last six races include one victory (Monaco) and four second-place finishes. He enters Canada as the 2nd-best betting favorite, behind just Max Verstappen.


Charles Leclerc 

Ferrari and their lead driver, Charles Leclerc, have taken what looked like a few bumps on the road and turned it into a season-changing disaster. It is shocking to see him in third place, behind both Red Bull drivers, after gaining a lead in the Drivers' standings. Despite being the best single-lap racer this season, he will continue to fall further behind without a match for his race pace.

In Azerbaijan, Lewis Hamilton prayed for Sunday's race to end after pain in his back forced the British driver to pull out of this weekend's F1 race Canadian Grand Prix 2022. Moments after Sunday's race in Baku, in which Red Bull's Max Verstappen won, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff made the shocking admission about the star driver.

"Yes, definitely," said Wolff when asked if there is a danger Hamilton, 37, will not be able to compete in Montreal. "He is really bad. You can see this is not muscular anymore. It goes properly into the spine, and it can have some consequences. The solution could be to have someone on reserve, which we anyway have at every race." Stoffel Vandoorne, the Belgian who spent two seasons at McLaren, and Formula E champion Nyck de Vries, are Mercedes' two options if Hamilton is not fit. Hamilton started seventh and finished fourth but yelled over the radio with 22 of the 51 laps remaining: "Argh, my back is killing me, man."


Can Ferrari regain the lost pride?

Although Ferrari scored only 42 points last weekend, compared to Red Bull's 128 the previous three weekends, team Boss Mattia Binotto says that the F1 race Canadian Grand Prix 2022 is not a must-win for them. Following eight rounds of the Formula One World Championship, Ferrari is currently 71 points behind its nearest rival, while Mercedes trails the Scuderia by less than 40 points. The first three races of the new season have seen Charles Leclerc retire twice, while Carlos Sainz has failed to finish three times.

Despite this, Binotto says he is not considering the growing points gap a week after claiming Ferrari will not be aiming for the World Championship in 2022. When a sports journalist in Baku asked if he was concerned by the deficit, Binotto said: "It's not something we are looking at, honestly. We are focused on our results and focused on trying to get the most out of our race weekends, always trying to improve ourselves."

"We know that to get to the top there is still a gap. I think we've proved that we had some problems in the last race and we are simply focused on trying to improve ourselves, race-by-race." The team boss added: "My only concern today is, what are we lacking?"



The race track located on an island between the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Hudson River is returning to the F1 schedule after a two-season absence, and it will unquestionably remind Grand Prix fans in North and Central America why the track is one of the most popular on the schedule. Montreal, an incredibly beautiful and friendly city, creates the perfect backdrop for the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit and racing fans to come together and have a great time. There are plenty of public transport options that can get you to the track, and Crescent Street is transformed into the place to be during race weekends, with great food, live bands, and fun for all.

Additionally, the F1 race Canadian Grand Prix 2022 is held at the same time as the Montreal Fringe Festival, which means you can take part in a week-long event when you arrive early and enjoy the city's excellent music, culture, and entertainment before the wildly exciting F1 race begins.


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